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I am also so happy i found this site. Alot of my friends think im picking the wrong decision by dating a soldier. But i totally disagree! I have been around military my whole life. Both of my parents were in the military and my brother is in the military now. I wanted to go so bad but couldnt due to surgery that i had a few years back. So now im just working and going to school while my boyfriend is deployed. We had a rough start to our relationship, and then one day he txt me and said i am going to afghanistan. I was so sad i didnt know what to say. It was also way harder when he told me that he was going in 3 weeks. So i spent every minute i possibly could with him. Some of my friends got mad, but they dont even understand the fact that hes gonna be gone 8 months and i wont be able to see him. So once he left (march 21st), i just have totally changed mjy outlook on alot of things. Dont take things for granted and live for the moment. Keep busy and stay positive. Its hard for all of us, and im glad we can all be here for eachother. It helps alot. When i get home from work at night after i workout, i get on here and read stories until i literally fall asleep on my laptop lol. It just is nice to know that were not alone that there are several girls going thru the same stuff everyday. My friend Courtney thinks im pushing her away, but its totally not the case. She just doesnt understand that we have our days where were sad and just wanna be left alone. I work 40 hrs a week plus babysitt for my friend/co worker who has 3 kids. Her husband just left for basic last week so were doing this together :) and were staying busy and having kids 7,3, and a 1 yr old sure do keep you busy!! lol but yah girls we got this :) stay positive and strong not only for ur self or ur soldier, but for the sake of ur relationship as well. All this hard work and long days will pay off when he returns! ♥
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many people do not understand the undying love we Army girls have for our men, but they sacrifice everything to protect all of us. Its very difficult to keep moving when he is so far away but its worth every last second :) Im glad that you have found a way to keep busy, i do that a lot of times too, it truly helps. Stay Strong :) msg me anytime you would like to talk i am on here most nights now :)

yah they really dont lol. and yah i get on here alot at night after work too and just read stories . and i am staying strong :)


Yes it is! :) message me if you ever want to talk

yes it takes alot to be away from the one you love. It takes courage and strength to make it last and to stay strong for your soldier :)

Your story made me happy. Yeah people don't get why I am doing this or get so sad. I told myself I'd never get into situation like this but I did and happy I support my bf who left week ago to basic he's been in reception and starts basic wednesday we love eachother this won't be easy but if we got through our rough patches n can get through this well be good I miss him but I know he wants me happy didn't want me sad or wait around for guy never around but I love him and he's worth the wait. Some people justdont get it and I think it shows a level of maturity to do this and stay busy and positive rather then just sit around upset.