Never Realized What I Put Myself Into:deployment

i sort of got jumped into the military lifestyle as a girlfriend into the negatives side. Been talking for a while now and hes deployed not that long ago. I already can see how hard this is. You dont know what its like until the only option you have is being strong. Because you have no choice. I would never go through this again for anybody else. It hurts..really bad. And what hurts the most is the feeling of him not coming back. I dont mind if hes gone and safe like i would if he was in basic of something like that. My baby is AT WAR. Just recently i found out he saw some bodies getting sent back to base to go back home. Im not sure how traumatized he is. But i am. Id rather be in his shoes.. Not trying to sound greedy or anything bad. But it hurts so bad... knowing that.. he may not come back to me. i dont care if he comes back to me in peices but he needs to come back to me alive.! i miss him so much. somebody talk to me if your feeling the same pain.
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I feel the exact same way!!!!!!!!!! Mine got sent there as a surprise, he told me via e-mail and I haven't been able to talk to him since. It sucks every single day not knowing what he's doing or even if he's ok. I completely understand what you're going through so don't hesitate if you ever need to talk!!

awww im sorry he hasnt been able to write you back , but what do you mean he told you via-email. so he sent u an email tht he was getting deployed and never wrote you back? he should of, i was able to talk to mine alot the first couple of days, but now i get to talk to him once a day. & thank you , i can say the same for you.

he was already deployed. he was just on a different mission and at the last minute instead of sending him back to his base they sent him to afghanistan. He doesn't have his phone and I guess limited internet access, I don't really know.

I hear ya! I'd rather him be a thousand miles away and know he's safe than in the middle of a war. My baby came back to me hurt really bad...but I was just relieved he was alive and safe. It's hard...really hard, the only thing you can do though is reassure him of how much you love him. I made my soldier promise me that he would come back to me alive, and he did. I just kept counting down the days until I got to see him again, that helped a little, but it's always going to just have to stay strong for him.

Awww wow, im so happy he made is back home safe.. :) i do , i let home know everyday how much i wait. Thank you for your comment!