Does He Really Miss Me?

I didn't hear from him Monday but last night he called he seemed a bit distant he said he already really misses me and that's why he called. He sounded different on phone tired maybe idk hope he isn't hiding something. He did his usual picking on me and telling his friends was funny though. He said he had day of shots.. I tried talking about it or something's off topic and he didn't say anything .. He didn't sound like his usual self and I told him I really miss him and love him and well get through this I think he just said yeah. They changed his basic day so he In reception and i said i prob won't hear from him for few week so please write I said promise he's like yeah he asked if I was ok sounded like I was crying I said no I. Fine he said I really sounded like it i said no I'm fine really was about to just tried hideit I asked if he was ok cause he didn't seem it he said yeah I'm fine lights out in 30 and I got stuff I have go to do I just really missed you and wanted call you see how you are and tell you I miss you but I better go I said ok good luck miss you he did miss you too I said loveyou I got muffled love you too maybe cus of no privacy he didn't really wanna say it and the we got off phone . He didnt sound like his usual self is never called befor because he really missed me idk if being away changed him or he's hiding something I am tired and probably over thinking things bad dreams dont help. I hope he really does miss me anyways have any of you felt this way or had something similar happn?
Anilec Anilec
18-21, F
May 9, 2012