What To Do When Your So Far Down There Is No Up.

My fiance and I have been toether for three years now and they have been amazing.  We started dating in high school, before we started dating I would hear him tell his friends he was going to join the army, because that is the only way he felt he could go to college or get anywhere in his life.  Well when we got together I hate to say this but it was love at first sight. Well we graduated and moved in togethered and lived together for about a year though out this time we talked about him joining the army and I 100% supported him. Then last year he signed up for the army, and I was okay. Well as time got closer to his ship out date the okayness faded away i wasnt so okay anymore then the day came where i had to take him and drop him off. That was the hardest day of my life after that i cried for days i thought i would run out of tears and everybody else was like hes coming back its only a couple of months but they didnt relize i hadnt been without this man for over a year and a half and now he was just gone. well tomorrow is his basic training graduation and i cant even fly out to see it with times as hard as they are i picked to go to the ait graduation where he could come home with me. but knowing that im not there to support him makes me feel worthless and he says he is ok with it and he understands. well i guess i am asking for all the advice i can get in this deppression state.. thank you for listeningd91
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I'm sure he wishes you were there for his basic graduation, but it will all be worth it when you are taking him home with you in a few months from his AIT graduation. And once he is at AIT you two can talk everyday and it will be a lot easier. Don't feel worthless or be worried and stressed. You have made it this far, and you are doing everything you can. So smile and be happy for everything your soldier has accomplished and for the fact that you did something that most girl couldn't dream of doing or being able to handle by standing beside him through this. :)

as crazy as it sounds, it really gets easier as time passes. especially after he's out of training. I was never with my soldier while he trained but I know while he was stationed we were able to talk every single day so that helped a lot. Now that he's deployed it comes and it goes. There's always going to be difficult days, but know that there will be easy ones as well. Know that in the end everything will be worth it and you'll be together again!!