1 Corinthians, 13:7-8

"Love still stands when all else has fallen"

Unveiling God’s plan for us is dauntingly futile.  To understand why things grow and why things die can take a lifetime, and even then we might only unveil the slightest fraction of the truth. At what age are we willing to accept our ultimate fate?  At what point do we accept the fate of others? 
Anatomically human beings must die.  Our bodies begin aging the moment of conception until our final, clinging breath.  Why do we spend the majority of our lifetime denying the existence of death, one of the most natural occurrences known to mankind? People shy away from discussing death, not wanting to contemplate the inevitable. Some outlive their children, some die of cancer, some are murdered, some die unborn, and some die in their sleep….no matter how it happens it always seems too soon.  Loving a person comes at a price- you have to be prepared to say goodbye at some point in time.  Having a soldier overseas, you begin to realize that time might be sooner, rather than later.
There is no amount of preparation to receive that phone call-the one that changes it all.  Some people choose to live in denial and some people choose to accept the truth head on.  Deployed soldiers are in a war zone; they are in a country where people want them dead, and sometimes the enemy succeeds.  Is it a matter of chance or bad luck when a soldier dies, or can we chalk it up to God’s master plan for us? Is it only a matter of time before I receive that phone call?
For these seven months I wait with bated breath.  I know “it” could happen at anytime- the moment where my world comes crashing down. If he comes home, it will be nothing short of a miracle. My heart weighs heavy for the families who soldiers come home lifeless.  Nothing can prepare you for that day.  

While I am deeply saddened to hear about soldiers who won't make it home, I am also moved by the love and support I have seen across this country.  Complete strangers are coming together to comfort the families facing these unwarranted tragedies.  When it appears all hope has vanquished, love has remained- love for our country and love for our neighbor.  I am honored to be a part of the United States Army family.  I pray for the families who have lost love ones in this war.  I am forever grateful for their sacrifice.  

Dedicated to the fallen soldiers of C Troop, 3/73 CAV. 
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May 9, 2012