He Just Doesnt Care

im about to move to a different state to be with my bf who just got back from afghanistan 2 days ago. im leaving everything i know behind just for him. Ive been waiting 4 months to see him and im flying out in 1 day. but the problem is... he doesnt care. he doesnt care that ive been waiting a long to time for him to get back and now that hes back i still dont get to talk to him, he didnt want to talk the day he got back and today he spent the entire day with his mother, they are at the movies right now and he didnt bring his phone all day, i had to text his mom. he could at least pretend that he cared that i missed him and wanted at least a text but he doesnt. it hurts me so much, he either doesnt realize that or doesnt care. i want sooo badly for our relationships to work out but deep down i know it wont, we have so many differences and so many problems, im hoping they will go away 0once we are together but it wont... i feel worthless to him and he just doesnt care....
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2 Responses May 10, 2012

it may just be he needed time to Adjust, also since hes been away for awhile he also needs to spend time with his family, but sit him down and talk to him about how youve been feeling before you move with him. Try not to be hard on him or yourself.

Its too early to see if the problem is just that he doesnt care. You need to sit down and talk to him one on one, your finna leave your whole life for him, so you dont got much time to la la around about it. Be firm and strict. Tell him how u feel , most of all ask him how you should feel. Because he just came from war, he needs time to adjust.. It must be really hard for him right now. To talk to him, be there most of all..