Should I Stop Writing?

My boyfriend left for basic on the 16th of April and was able to talk to me through the morning of the 20th. He said the real training started then, so I'm guessing the 16-19th was reception? Anyway, about 10 days later, his family received a letter from him, and they gave me his return address. I've been writing him, but it's now the 10th of May and have not heard a word from him. Not a call, not a letter.

Before he left he promised he’d call as soon as he could, any chance he got. And I know they don’t really have much personal time, so I don’t blame him for not being able to. But, knowing this, I don’t think he wouldn’t have found the time by now to write me a short note and mail it.

My concern is that my letters aren’t getting to him, as the address his family gave me didn’t have his battalion or company info. And, I feel like my letters are probably just ending up in some trashcan /: Any advice or personal experiences on the matter?

Thanks, girls :( I’m worried.

Oh, and also, I don't think he knew my address by heart, so my first letter (sent last Wednesday) is where he would have first acquired it...
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This is info is from my soldier: <br />
That return address that his family gave you is the reception address NOT his basic training location address, so since he's at basic now all your letters are being sent to reception not basic. That's why the return address didn't have his battalion and company info. So he isn't getting your mail. He also said that since its not getting to the company usually they send it back. Hope this helps !! Any more questions feel free too ask :) !!

Thanks so much for finding that out for me. Ugh that's really upsetting :((( waaaaaa! I can't contact him and he won't call....)):

And I haven't gotten any of my letters probably got trashed? :((( ugh I'm gona go cry now

No problem :) He'll probably will get some personal time a little bit later

Dont cry :( just wait till he writes his parents then you'll get the correct address

He wrote back!!!

AHHHHH !! Thats me screaming Lol. YAYYY I'm so glad that he finally wrote back. Im happy for you

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Hey! I totally get where you are coming from! My boyfriend wasn't even able to give me his address until this past Sunday when we spoke on the phone. He is absolutely right about training being tougher and unfortunately some places are super strict about ANY personal stuff. Like he says that he's been there almost a month and they have given out mail ONCE...ONCE. Isn't that insane? So I finally got his address and started writing so my guess it that he'll not only get my letters way late, but either get them all at once or get them out of order or by the time he graduates he might not even get some because he'll be gone! But about his address, I'm pretty sure it should have his battalion and company on there. My boyfriends definitely does..his battalion, company, building number...etc. So maybe the next time you talk get him to look into that and give you the correct address. I would feel awful too if I knew or thought that my letters weren't getting to my soldier and just being trashed or something. <br />
<br />
Best of luck!!

Hey thanks for that, makes me feel better I'm not the only one feeling frustrated. How much contact have u had with your bf before this phone call where he gave u address?

Sure! Umm when he was here at Fort Lee we were able to talk every single night, for hours sometimes. He was transferred to Missouri for the more intense training a few weeks ago and that's when things got frustrating. It took him until this past Sunday (which would make like 3 weeks since he's been there) for him to get me his address which was BEYOND annoying but I just dealt with it and waited. They let them keep their electronics for like 3 days and then they were taken one Thursday night, which sucked because I got no notice (not that I was expecting to) and wasn't able to speak to him until that Sunday when he told me what had happened. They have to give them their stuff back on Sunday's because it's considered a "religious" day and they have to honor that. So I am able to talk to him on Sundays but that's it. I'm starting to write so hopefully he'll be able to write back. But other than that...nada. It's rough, but gives you something to look forward too and helps the week fly by! It is frustrating but hang in there!! Our boys are worth it! :)

He wrote back, I'm so happy lol :)))) and yeah, it took three+ weeks to get a letter back!! AHH