Finally Got His Letters!!!

It paid off finally after stalking the mailbox everyday. I got two letters from him. But i realized though he wrote them on april 28th and may 2nd. And I just got them today! If you dont know, my boyfriend left april 23rd to Ft Jackson, SC for basic training. I have been with him for 5 months now.I got to talk to him the first week ( april 23rd- 27th) but since then he hasnt given me a txt/call. In his letters we basically said that he missed me alot. He also rolled his ankle so it is swollen and purple :/ But I guess the only time he can get his phone is on week 6! Also he gets very little to no personal time. He said he wrote my letters when they were suppose to sleep. So basically he is using his sleeping time to write to me cuz thats the only time he could! Im so happy that I got his letters tho.
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You're story reminded me of my experience last year while my bf was in training! I lived at school in an off-campus apt but I had him mail his letters to campus box because it was more secure (I lived in a 4-apt building w/ a shared mailbox so I wanted to make sure I got his letters)... problem was my campus mailbox was a good 30 min bus trip from my apt. So every night, regardless if I stopped by earlier to check, I would make the trip to and from my mailbox. It was soooo disappointing to do that every day for 2-3 weeks and not having any letters. Finally I went one night and I had 3 envelops waiting! i was so excited and happyyyy, it was ridiculous. By the time I got home I had them 3 times over lol, oh and I also teared up on the bus ride back but I didn't care lol. Ahh man your story sure did bring back some memories!

Gosh the postal service can suck sometimes. :) I remember when Justin was at basic they would take forever delivering his letters. I hope by now your letters are coming in a lot more consitantly, and once he gets out of red phase (i'm only assuming he is in red phase because you said he got there a few weeks ago) he should get more personal time to write letters and stuff. And he should get a call every time they finish a phase (there are three, Red, White, and Blue.) This isn't always the case considering it is up to his Drill Sergeants. But i hope you all hear from your men soon. I've been there so if you need anything feel free to message me. Stay strong ladies. <3

hi girls I am new here ... my bf left april 30th to Ft Jackson,SC last call that I received was 7 days ago =( Idk nothing about him and i miss him a lot..Do u know how long is gonna take to receive his first letter?

My boyfriend left a week earlier than your boyfriend did. Probably between 2-3 weeks. So hopefully you will get a letter next week.

thank you! I hope =)I am getting crazy n is just two weeks since he left..=( He is at Ft Jackson too =)

AH, girly, I got a letter from my boyfriend today too!!!!!!

Thats great you got a letter too. It made my day yesterday.

mine too, unbelievably so!

Aw, I'm real happy for ya!