Happiest Girl In The World!!!!

I was having the worst day today. Had to study the entire day for my accounting final happening from 7-10PM. No, I did not make a typo, that is a night time final exam... and I was really getting discouraged about writing my boyfriend letters, for I thought they might just be getting trashed for not having proper address... I got so upset, I didn't even try to send the letter I wrote him today... :/

I even started eating like a maniac, because that's what I do when I'm stressed.

I got out of my test at 10 pm...and to my neat surprise, it was pouring rain out, I had no umbrella...I live far away from school and have to take the bus...so I walked in the rain to the bus stop, feeling depressed...

But then I got to my apartments and opened the mailbox to find....a bill....and then I stuck my hand back in (it's one of the mailboxes up top, so I can barely reach and cannot see into it)....and voila! It was a letter from my love!!! AHHH. I didn't care that it was raining, I opened it up right away and was trying to read it as I walked home in my excitement! He told me how happy he was that I wrote him and how he tried writing back as soon as he could, so he didn't get to tell me all he wanted...and about how much he loveeeesss me, and you girls know the rest ;)

AHHHHHH! I never thought I'd be this happy over a piece of paper in my life, but nonetheless, here I am, feeling uber joy!!! And those three+ weeks I waited for that letter....totally worth it. I am in love with this guy. And I'll wait for him faithfully :)
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4 Responses May 11, 2012

how exciting, getting a letter and not a bill totally a plus!! haha.. well I hope your man comes home safe, stay strong for him he needs you.. take care girlyy

Thank you!

AWWW IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU :) i feel your excitement

thanks, girl! :)))

AWW happy you got your letter, i kept all of mine from when my hunni was gone,they can get you thru even the worst kind of day. My soldier always said that even tho he never got to write as much as he liked it was the best part of the day and what they always waitied on :)

:)) I almost wana frame it, hahaha. Just makes me all happy reading it, and holding that army green patterned paper. And I write him every day, so he's got a letter to look forward to as often as possible<3

haha, i know how that is :) my huuni said the only thing better than chow time was mail time! Have a wonderful week :) Msg me anytime you like :)

Yay! That's so awesome! I feel your pain with the 7-10 final...I had a stats final at that time last semester...it was AWFUL! Glad you got your letter! Have a great weekend!

thanks, girl! last final of the year though :) so happy. hope you have a splendid weekend as well!