Deployment Update <3

So far the deployment has not been that bad but that is probably because Chris is still in the United States (for now), and Ive been able to talk to him every night which I think is a blessing. Even though we talk every night I have a feeling it is just going to make the deployment harder when he actually does leave for Afghanistan. The hardest thing to deal with is the thought that I won't be able to tell him goodnight every night like I do now, and I am so used to hearing his voice before I go to sleep that its going to be hard on me for the first couple of months when he does leave the states. Chris has been so sweet so far, not only did he send me flowers for our one year anniversary, but I received a 3D Puzzle and Roses from him while he has been gone. He makes me so happy, and when I think about all the sweet things he does to make me smile I can't help but feel so lucky to have him. Things are going to change soon and I feel like time will slow down even more when he actually get to Afghanistan, and that is what is scaring me the most is that time will slow down. Right now it has been a month and a half since the deployment has begun, and time has yet to start speeding up. The summer seems to be the longest waiting period because all I am going to do is work and help out at the house with my grandparents. I am hoping that the new position I am training for at work will take up some of my time during the week and help make time start to fly. I know it will when classes start again in August. I am just ready for next April to hurry up and get here so I can see my baby again and actually be able to hold him. Right now skype has been the greatest help dealing with the deployment as a whole, and Chris gives me so much confidence that I can make it through this, and just knowing that he believes in me makes me have so much more strength. Only 325 days left to go (please time start to fly)!
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heyy girl! is your boyfriend in the army? because ive heard that theyve cut down deployments to less then a year :/

yeah he is in the army, and so far from what they have told them they are most likely going to be there for a year, but i am hoping that they cut down shorter I hate the thought of being apart for a whole year. plus, i am not really sure they know whats going on from what Chris told me they are just taking it day by day right now.

aww man tht seems scary! :/ yeahh well i hope they bring our soldiers back home.

To make the time fly by---start doing something with your time. Maybe something constructive like a class or pursuit of a certificaiton that can help with your job/career. My point is to find constructive things to do with your time, vice noticing the time passing. Wish you all the best!

i started training for a new position which will get me out of the house more than what I was before which is exciting because its giving me something else to do, and i have thought about some projects that ive been putting off for sometime now and i think it might be best to start those now lol but thanks for the advice!

Good for you. I mean no offense, but... the more actively you work to be a better person (mentally, physically and emotionally), the more attractive and desireable you'll be for him. Put another way---guys in the military HATE women who are needy, clingy and insecure. What I'm suggesting is that you do your best to be self-sufficient, and he'll have even more reasons to love you to eternity than he already has.