Loving The Great News !!

so my boyfriend has been gone since march 21st. i miss him so much and he is my world! when he called me last night, we were having a great conversation...and when he told me that he is coming home early it made my night. i was so excited i started to cry! he isnt supposed to come home until november.. and now hes hoping to be home by his birthday which is sept 24th. i hope he is too. no one wants to spend their birthdays deployed.. my brother did and he said it sucked.. he doesnt know the exact date yet, but just knowing i dont have to wait as long as i thought is such a relief. i hope he finds out soon so i can change my countdown :) keep strong girls were in this together :).
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3 Responses May 12, 2012

heyy girl! sorry to inform u but u might wanna take this off and repost.! you cant post exact dates and times! it can harm soldiers over seas. u never know whose watching!

i know they say that all the time, just like they arent supposed to tell anyone where they are at.. but i didnt say specific dates of when he is coming home so it shouldnt be a big deal. i only said when his birthday was.. so yah lol im not too worried. but i know what you mean.

mkayy just tryna watch out :)

Wow that sounds amazing!! Every moment we get with our soldiers is amazing :)

yay, im happy for you, its always an exciting time when your soldier gets to come home early, i hope he gets to be home for his birthday:) My soldier is currently home but expectin a deployment later this yr unless things change due to the fact that he was put out for six months while they find him a new Mos. Just wanted to thank you for stayin strong for your soldier. If you would ever like to chat just inbox me :)

yeah i hope he will be able to make it back to the states for his birthday :) we have so much planned for when he comes home. :D NYC for new years, to new mexico to see his family.. and to colorado to see my neice/nephew be born.. but if he doesnt that is ok too ill just have to wait a little longer. even tho i dont wanna i will do anything to be with my soldier. he is my everything. he is the reason i keep going with my head held high while hes gone. i love him so much! :) and i will (: