Soldier Going Out Into The Field What To Expect?

Yesterday my soldier told me he would be spending 4 days out in the field... btw this is his first time being out in the field since he located to his new station... he wasn't able to tell me exactly if he could text or even call during the time... He has really been stressing about it since we spend 6 hours on the phone regulary. So if any of you ladies have gone thru this experience some feed back be gladly appreciated
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My boyfriend also just left for the field yesterday. No word yet. I'm guessing that the contact will be minimal. So it goes. My beau will be out in the field for 2 weeks. He's stationed in Germany. <br />
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Stay strong. Time will pass by, and then you'll be back to your routine. When you do talk, do your best to be supportive by being optimistic. He'll be grateful for your understanding and patience. It'll help you both to get through this time of heightened stress. <br />
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Remember, he picked you because he thought you were strong enough to stand by him when it's difficult. Prove him right. We're all here for you.

ty for your response ...your words are very helpful... hope you get to talk with your soldier soon :)

Is he still stationed overseas?? I know when my soldier did field work in the states we were able to talk every time he got a break. Now that he's overseas it's more difficult and we usually don't get to talk while he's on mission or doing field work. I'm sure he'll be fine, it's probably just training work. Think of the positives, at least it's only 4 days :-D

Ty for the response... yes he is still overseas in okinawa japan... from what I heard doing field work way different overseas then in the states...I will continue to keep busy ...I'm sure the 4 days will go by fast... ty again for your reply :)

Of course!!!! Has he done many missions while he's been in Japan?? Mine is stationed there also and has been on constant missions for the past 2 months.