Got My First Phone Call!

I was riding bus home today and got a call...
I saw my boyfriend's contact picture pop up and was so surprised! I was kind of confused a little too lol...Haven't heard from him in almost a month! So, I answered all not-excited because it hadn't hit me yet that it was actually him that was calling me lol. Then when I heard his voice, I was like AHH BOYFRIEND!! :) Best 10 minutes I've had in a month! You gals know what I mean??

I asked him if he'd talked to his mom and he told me he called her first, so I was like...
"I am so jealous of your mother right now lol"
and he was like, "babe, it's mother's day!" ahaha :)
im mostly joking about being jealous of his mom getting first call :P
but im not gona lie, a little part of me wanted the whole 15 minutes they give them lmao.

He's starting white phase, which is why he got his first call. He gets another one next week, but I'll be travelling all day /: so...hopefully I'm at an airport (rather than on a plane) when he calls...

Ah, love him so much :)
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awweee.. how cute! I know what you mean girl, its so exciting to hear their voice and to know they are safe.. completly makes up the time you have not heard from him no matter how long the call lasts:) My boyfriend is on a deployment and when he first got overseas I didnt hear from him for a few days, and my phone rang at 830am and I didnt want to get up, then it rang again and I said to myself I should probably pick that up.. lol It was him, and I thought i was dreaming I was soooo happy. I am soooo happy for ya girl

thank you :)) and yep, when my phone rang...i was like..ughh...don't wana pick it up... but what do you know, it was him!

Ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!! that's so exciting!!! I know exactly what you mean, mine's been on missions for 2 months so when he acutally gets to call i feel like doing somersalts around my room for an hour afterwards haha

lol my thoughts exactly

Congrats! That's awesome! Those short phone calls make all the difference! Our first phone call after the sergeants took their phones was literally like 10 minutes if that but it made my entire week! My solider always calls his mom first! which like you said it's like part jealousy but I really do understand. I mean that's his mom, I've accepted the ranking... 1. Army 2. Mom 3. girlfriend! Love them though! Next time he calls, see if he can hang up for a second, leave you a voicemail and then call you back. I had my guy do that and now I can hear his voice even during the week when we can't talk! Sounds silly but it helps on those days where you're really missing them!

Ehh.. I don't know if I'll be accepting that rank system if this relationship goes any further lol. I feel like once you truly commit to someone, and promise them your life, that's that. And it means you place them at the most important spot in your life (right after God, of course).

The idea about the voicemail is great though :)) I might try that, but I don't know if I can sacrifice minutes of talking time for that...

yeah obviously. But we have not been together for that long so I'm not pushing that rank thing just yet! give me few months and i will trust me ;)

that's what I'm talking about :) me too ;)

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Congrats on your first call. :) ha. I remember my first call was when he finished up reception and I was literally walking up the steps at his parents house. I almost fainted when I saw his name on my phone and like you it didn't really register til I heard his voice. lol. Maybe he will call again soon, and I hope if he gets a call next weekend that you get to answer. One of the 4 calls my soldier got at basic I missed while I was at work and I had to hear his voice over the voicemail. I was heart broken, but it had a plus side cause I could replay it over and

Thanks! :) yeah, waiting is tough. but it makes the little moments like this 10x better. and omg, a voicemail would actually be amazing! lol