It's Been Awhile. :)

I logged on tonight and realized that I haven't been on here in FOREVER!!
And after reading some of my older (and very stories from last fall I decided to give everyone an update on me and My Soldier. :)

He graduated AIT February 3rd, and has been home most of the time since then.. Well off and on (lots of Active Duty Training.)  Most of my older stories were posted during a rough part of my life, I was really going through a lot and I thank everyone who listened and was there to talk me through all my insecurities. But it turns out the best medicine is just being honest and talking things through... Who knew? :) lol We finally talked about everything I was feeling and since then it has all turned around! Everything with me and Justin is beyond perfect. We have been happily together now for over a year.
I mentioned in some of my earlier post about us finding out about his deployment. Things with that were crazy for awhile, and after a roller coaster ride of hearing every other day he was deploying then he wasn't, We found out for sure two weeks before he was scheduled to leave that he would be staying behind to get his tower rating (he's and 15Q, Air Traffic Controller).
I finished up my Freshman Year at Troy University and some how managed through the stress to keep my

Justin has been doing his AT training with his unit the past two weeks and had decided to do some more training for his tower rating that would put him on Active Duty for the next two years. So we are both excited and have even made plans to look at apartments tomorrow so we can move out. :)

Friday we found out that he might have to deploy for the second half of his units tour.. which would have him leaving in the next 30 days. We will find out everything for sure in the next week. So please say a prayer for me, although I know we will get through whatever happens.
I just wanted to give everyone an update on our story and let all you wonderful girls know that even when things get down they can get so much better. I'm head over heels helplessly in love with my soldier. And if any of you ever need anything or just someone to talk to or ask questions I'm here. <3
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sweet! glad everything is going great with you guys :) It makes me happy to hear your story, for it helps me realize that if other girls are going through this, and are happy, then i can be happy too. <3<br />
Have fun with all your endeavors!