The First Deployment Is Just About Over....

It's finally come down to the final days til my amazing boyfriend comes home. I have to say waiting is SO hard but in the end you get an amazing, brave, and loving boyfriend who will come home to you. Relationships during deployments are not easy. My boyfriend was right when he said if two can make it through a deployment they can make it through anything. With the skype not always working so I can't see him all the time like I'd like to, but luckily there was instant messenger to communicate and long emails to keep in touch. I know this may sound like some over exaggerated story but its not. Ive had a thanksgiving, Christmas, valentines day, our birthdays, and our 1 year anniversary away from each other. It's hard and I rather have him in the end than some guy who wont appreciate me as much as he will. Only 43 more days to go until I get to see my amazing hero !! I can't wait. I am already picking out what to wear to his homecoming. Then off to meet his family from his hometown. I just feel like my life wont start until these 43 days pass and he's home.
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3 Responses May 14, 2012

OMG.. That's soo exciting! I wish that was me, I am soooo jealous.. lol, I bet you are freeking out... I would be. I would also be very nervous. So how did you do it? How long is the deployment for? Did it pass by fast? I am just wondering because my boyfriend soon to be fiance is on deployment right now and still has over 260 days left...

Yayyyy!!!!!!!!!! Those few short days will fly by and then you two will be together again. I'm sooooo happy for you guys!!!

This is so sweet! So happy for you that your soldier is almost home! That must be an amazing feeling! I totally agree that waiting for our men is much better than having a regular civilian guy who takes seeing you and being with you for granted! These next few weeks will fly by! Good for you :)

Thank you :) !!