Got Two More Letters From Him Today!!!

I was totally shocked that I got two letters from him. I was expecting to get letters once a week. But four days later after my first letters(thursday may 10th) I got two more. He got my first few letters so far. I labeled them so I know which ones he has read. This couldnt have been a better day to get his letters. Because today after my last college final, I came home and checked the mailbox and... Suprise, I found two letters :D According to my boyfriend, Im the talk of the unit. Other guys in his group ask about me and look at the photos i sent to David(my boyfriend). They saw some of the pictures. I guess the other guys in the group call me the "hot fiance" and ask my boyfriend, "how's your fiance doing?". Their reaction when the other guys in the group first saw the picture of me was " So...damn who is that?" and "How the hell did you get her?". I find it hiliarious what the other guys said. Even though Im not his fiance...but hopefully I will be in time :D
So Im extremely happy that I got more letters from him. These two letters made me cry and laugh. Now that college is done. I will be able to write to him everyday or any day that I can.
ChantalleDavid ChantalleDavid
1 Response May 14, 2012

aww that's so sweet :D