Military Girlfriend In The Middle Of A Decision

Hello everyone Im currently dating a army soldier he is such a sweet heart and has been the owner of my heart since we have been together... Currently he is still in bootcamp and has had been doing really well :) our relationship has had only one hickup but we passed through it... we have promised to be faithful to eachother and we are completley and utterly in love.. im sure many of you nice ladies feel the same way... well any who... he asked me to move in with him.. I am completley and utterly shocked but yet happy!!! :D i have wanted this for so long already.. But my fear is that maybe we would be jumping into this too quickly... I still have to think about my education and how we would go about it ... my parents will not approve but then again no parent would want their child to move away from home to live with a man and were not married.. My complete happiness lies with him and i know that but what i have told him is that i need to work on myself as he need to work on him before anything goes... were not sure if i should move in during his three years in the army or if i should move in after.... there is no other man that i can trust !! i know and feel that !! but im scared ... scared that if i make a bad move it will all fall apart but if i make the right move i wont be able to make not only myself happy but make other happy... Im in need of any advice.... im alll eyes!!

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My parents were angry when they found out my plans to marry and move in with my fiance since i made the decision at the age of 17 even though i am not getting married and moving till i am 19 but they have finally become ok with the thought. To me if the guy is worth it and you are in Love nothing should stand in your way of being together. But i am so glad that you are not just jumping in to the decision and actually taking the time to think about it and ask for advice. GOOD LUCK!!!

thank you and yes i love him soo much i want to think rationally ... for the future not just for the now...

you did the same thing??

Go for it. Sounds like its a good thing. your parents will forgive you,if mine did anyone wil