Airborne And Rasp

Hello Ladies!
My boyfriend finally graduates AIT next week, 9 months of schooling was a bit long for him so he is definitely excited to be leaving! He is going airborne for 3 weeks then RASP for 8 weeks immediately after at Fort Benning. I am so excited for him and I hope he makes it through and graduates. Just a question for anyone out there who has a soldier who went through this training, do you know if they get their phone everyday like AIT or if they have to resort to letters like basic? Please let me know! Thank you :)
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Thank you, the forums do help a lot! For airborne, they get to talk everyday and have their phone, they'll just be tired from jumping out of airplanes!

My boyfriend is doing the exact same thing, airborne then rasp! My boyrfriend doesnt graduate AIT until the end of Aug. I heard that for airborne they can talk everyday, but situations can vary.

The forums at have answers to all your questions. They have a pretty good desc<x>ription of RASP, too, which your man should read and heed.<br />
Hope this helps!