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My name is Crystal I am 24 years old and my boyfriend soon to be fiance is on his first deployment he will be gone for another 260 days, I am just trying to figure out how to handle this, I have been doing ok.. but recently i have been having a very difficutlt time. I know staying busy helps, but I have been not wanting to do anything at all.... ughhh.. But sleep all day. I was wondering what did you ladies do? did the time go by fast? I think skype has helped so much with making me feel better, but I am experiencing not wanting to leave the house cuz I dont wanna miss a skype call. I sleep with my phone next to me and leave my computer on all night. I am completly lost without him and miss him soooo very much that it hurts. I cannot imagine life without him and I pray he comes back home safe, and I am soooo worried. Trying to stay strong and positive sometimes is very difficult, but I know I have to for him and for us. I am a United States Army Girlfriend and I am proud of my Soldier he is my hero.. Staying as strong as possible and faithful, Waiting for the love of my life to return home. Thank you for reading this.
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Thank you so much, I appreciate it!!

I'm so sorry Crystal, i know how hard it is to say goodbye, it hurts with everything you have. All i can say is take it one day at a time, prayer is the key. you and your soldier will be in my prayers