Not Sure What To Think....advise Needed Please :)

I dont know if I am over reacting or not but.. my boyfriend is overseas right now and has been talking to this girl.. I guess they get along well and he was telling her how he bought me a ring and stuff and she I guess got really excited for me.. I am soooooo afraid that she likes him and is trying to make her way in any way possible.. She is constantly asking about me and said she is happy for me.. and he talks to her by himself sometimes.. I am soooo nervous that something may happen between them too.. Do you ladies think its normal for someone to be soooo excited for someone they do not even know? Do you think she is up to no good? Maybe she is honestly happy not sure tho. Advise would be awesome thank you ladies I am driving myself nuts!!
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1 Response May 18, 2012

First off hello ur story really grabbed my attention... I know can be alittle more stressful when your soldier overseas... I can't really say if that should be red flag... your bf intentions might be good... but you can never speak for the other person... that's nice the other girl thinks its sweet about the ring...if u trust him he will know where to draw the line... but if it bothers you that much talk to him about it.

thank you