Young And In Need Of Support.

I am 15 and my boyfriend is 19. He is currently at basic training and left in March and will be back in June for 4 days. Before he left, we had met through one of our friends. & from then on, we talked for a couple weeks and we decided to make it official. He told me when we first started talking that he had to leave for basic in a couple of weeks. He left about a week after we started being boyfriend/girlfriend. I was so happy, but because of the age difference, I asked we'd keep it between us only that we were together & that when he got home we could tell people. He agreed and I am now waiting for him to return home. However, before he left he would always say the sweetest things and tell me how much he loved me all the time and things like that. I've never been in a serious relationship as this one. It tore me up when he left & i find myself thinking about him every moment every day. Now, it seems like he has completely changed. He doesn't call me when he gets his Sunday phone privelages & he has written about 2 letters in the past month & he said sorry that he doesn't write but nothing happens there. You'd think he'd wanna write me all the time if that were the case. Today he got his 36 hour pass & he's been texting me. But it seems like he's changed so much. He lied about taking a nap and went to Hooters during his "nap time". I honestly don't know what to think. Maybe it's because he's around guys 24/7. Idk. But it's breaking my heart. I don't wanna push him away because I love him & I don't want him to do that to me. He told me before he left, that he's never cheated on anyone and never will & that he loves me so much & he'd never been so in love with someone in his life. I just need some comfort and advice from the older girls who have a boyfriend, husband, or fiance' who is in the military.
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Sounds like he's changed a lot...and isn't as serious about the relationship as he was in the beginning. Sometimes, that just happens. It's not your fault. It sounds like you're doing everything right, but remember, you can't MAKE anyone love you. It just has to happen and they have to put forth the effort to make it work, which he isn't doing. <br />
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My advice? Tell him how you feel and if he doesn't change move on.

Thank you for your support. It just hurts to know how much he's changed. But. Sometimes it does just happen. So. I hope that when he comes home, we can talk in person and hopefully things will turn around for the better. If not, in the meantime, I'm just gonna hope for the best and expect the worst. I'm gonna try not to worry about it on my summer break :D