Things Happen For A Reason.

My boyfriend was just told that he will be going over seas. At first he wasnt going to go! but and E4 failed his drug test and my boyfriend is the only one that can fill that spot. i dont know how to deal with this! I'm going from seeing him everyday to not seeing him forĀ a year. He telling everything will be ok.
But its hard to see that. I guess i have to see this as a test and either we can pass with flying colors! or fail! But i thinking we will pass no matter what! :)
Jadenleebaby Jadenleebaby
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2 Responses May 19, 2012

wow i can feel your pain. mine is only deployed for a couple of months :( but a whole year.. !UGh! try to better yourself while hes away.. :)

I am young, but I honestly think that true love does conquer all. & if you love him with all your heart and he loves you the same, then I know it will all turn out in the end :) However, it is going to be a long time and you will feel lonely and hurt from not talking to him everyday but just tell yourself that you'll make it and make the most of it when he returns home! My boyfriend is at basic right now and these past months have felt like years.. But it will be over soon. Keep your head up girl! :)