Shold I Or Shouldnt I....

Everyone is telling me I should marry my boyfriend for the money and benefits before he leaves.I mean yeah thoes things are nice! But i dont want to marry him for that i want to marry him for love. I dont want to get marry and then he gone for a year and when he comes back he a different person. I want to wait!!! Because when he does come back I'm not letting go! :D
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My boyfriend and I discussed this whole marry for the benefits thing, and we decided together that making our relationship 100% and enjoying our time together to make sure that we're completely sure is a lot more important that the benefits and money. Yeaht hose things are nice, but money can't buy love. Just listen to your heart and you'll be fine.

see i dont want to get married then be alone for a year then he comes back a wayyy different person you know!! this way is better!!

Go with you're heart. Yes he will be a different person when he comes back. Depends on where he is going. But Love will always trump money. Glad you're not doin it for the money.

this is very ture!!!

I just got back from visiting my boyfriend in Hawaii and we were having the same discussion! We decided to wait a while too. It would be awesome for him to have the extra money, but I know that if we were to do that I would have wanted to stay there with him and that's not really an option right now.<br />
Glad you decided to go with your heart!! :D

aww thanks girl!! i just feel better with that decison!! :)

My boyfriend and I talked about getting married for the money and the benefits but I finally told him how uncomfortable I am with that. Like you said, yes those are great things to have, especially when I have a $12 an hour job and still live wiht my parents. However, I couldn't shake the idea that I want us to get married for love, and just to have those things as an added bonus. That's just my opinion, in the end you need to do what feels right to you!! :-)

my boyfriend asked if i wanted to and said you should marry me beacuse you love me not beacuse your leaving!! now he saying i cant wait to come home and start our lives!! its just better that way beacuse you never know what will happen!!

A lot of people associated with the military get married for the money and the benefits - and a whole lot of those people end up divorced (not all but so many...13 years in the military and at least 90% of the people I have known are now on their 2nd or 3rd included). <br />
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You sound like you know what to do - you do what is right for you and only you and trust me when I tell you that the money and the benefits are NOTHING if you don't have everything else it takes to make it work.<br />
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Older and wiser...I wish I would have waited. Good luck sweety.

thanks girl!! we are talking about when he gets back we get a house and start our lives!! i just much reather wait then do beacuse he is leaving!!