Trying To Get Used To This Whole Thing.

Hey guys, 

My boyfriend Nick and I have only been together for two months, but we have fallen completely in love with each other. Going into the relationship I was aware that he had just enlisted into the Army. I always told myself I would never do the whole army relationship thing, but with Nick It was is so different. I have never felt this way about a guy before and it just kinda reassures me that I am supposed to be in this relationship and that I will be strong enough to get through it. Nick leaves for Basic training and Paratrooper schooling in less than three months. I have already cried thinking about it and will sit on sites like these trying to get an idea of what I am going to go through in the whole process. The thought of only seeing the person I love only a a few times in a 6 month period is hard to wrap my brain around, but I am doing my very best to accept it. I am a very strong person, but I'm not sure I am as strong as I thought I was, I know its going to be a tough road, but because I love him so much I am going to do everything I can to make this relationship work. I have three more months to make beautiful memories with him and I will not take a single second for granted. If anyone has advice for me please let me know! It would be much appreciated. <3

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Hey Girl! My boyfriend is currently stationed at Ft. Campbell. We are going on 19 months. Im not gonna is very hard being away from someone you love. But i promise you that the long days and nights are totally worth it. I never imaged being in a long distance relationship but i fully support my boyfriend and will be with him every step of the way. I wish you the best of luck and hope that you create wonderful memories with him! If you ever need anything or want to talk you can message me whenever :) Stay strong and know there are plenty of girls out there in the same situation!

Extremely difficult being away from the love of your life. But girl you've got friends here if you need anything, to talk, a shoulder to cry on. We know how your feeling, <3. It's hard,but boy is he worth it I can tell you that. <3<3

Thank you so much girl! Im sure along the way it will be good to have someone to talk too. Im here if you ever need to talk too :) &lt;3

Of course :)

Don't worry you're not alone. My boyfriend Drew just got shipped off to Fort Jackson Yesterday for basic and then off to AIT in Fort Sam Houston for Medical Training to be a combat medic. Six months is a long time but it will fly by like high school. But if you need anyone to talk you can message me too if you want. It sucks though being so far away for so long. But We can get through it. And when we get to see our soldier for the first time after basic and AIT, will be an amazing experience. Just keep strong even though it's pretty hard. But we can do it.

Aww, thanks for the support and advice! It's great having people out there that are going through the same thing. I look forward to talking with each other through this! I know, it will be so amazing and Im looking forward to it. :)

You're welcome =) It will be no time before they come back. I have a feeling we will be like little school girls when we see them.

My soldier and I were only in a relationship for a short time before he left for training as well. He started basic training last month, and its definitely an adjustment, but Im doing my best so far! I miss him so much, but it does get easier as time passes and with support. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or want someone to vent to!

Thanks girl! Same goes to you, its always nice to have someone to talk to thats going through the same thing! Stay strong girl! :)