He's Going To Basic In October.

I recently got married and he goes for Basic in October. Anyone else's other half leaving then?
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Mine is leaving in September =(

:( where will he be? Mine is going to Ft Sill

mine is going to fort benning

Mine just left. Literally two hours after he proposed. I am new to all of it, been known he was leaving for basic like 6 months ago, and I thought I'd be prepared, not really. Just got to keep praying!

Well congrats on your engagement! :)) look thru pinterest on the wedding boards get ideas now while you're so excited and missing him so much you'll probably come up with so many cute ideas for the wedding! Before I got married my last serious boyfriend joined the Air Force. I thought I was ready for that. Wasn't! I wrote letters and letters listened to songs hung out with his friends and family and became very close we a few girls I met here! We even met at graduation in San Antonio! The experience was very hard and emotional but it was a great one. We obviously didn't make it.. We lasted a few months during AIT but we wanted different things. :/ butttt now I am very happily married to my best friend ever. So now I gotta go thru basic all over again so I think my mind is telling me oh no big deal.. And it will hit me once he leaves that this is nothing like before. This is my husband going! Ugh! So I feel ya girl. :(( I hear the army is more strict about phone calls too.. The Air force got usually a phone call a week.. I had it easy so this seems it will be very hard.