Not So Average Relationship.

My boyfriend joined the Iowa Army National Guard earlier this year and was shipped to Fort Jackson for basic yesterday. We have been off and on for over a year. We just recently got back together three months ago. And those three months have been thee best three months of my life. He is so wonderful, and so thoughtful it's boarder-line insane. What makes our relationship pretty different is we're distanced apart. Not by much, only 45 mins, 30 depending on if I'm in a hurry to get there. Since he was still in high school and I work two jobs and always work weekends. It was extremely difficult to find time to go see him and spend time with him. Some months I would only get to see him once or twice. But what made this month so great is that not only did I get to see him almost every weekend. I got to meet some of his family that I hadn't met before. His family is very military. Both of his brothers were in and one still is in the military. His oldest brother is in the army, his other brother was in the navy. His dad was in the military and his moms first husband was in the military. Both sides are military. So it's awesome that I can lean on them for support and vise virsa. Six months seems like a long time, especially when this past month I've got to see him more than I ever have gotten to before. To see him in his ACU's is just heart racing if you know what i mean. Though we haven't really spent much time on a daily basis it's almost like it's been a blessing in disguise. It's still hard, i can't sleep at night much. It's so hard at night that you know feeling lonely i just can't go to my phone and text him or call him up saying hey I can't sleep can you help me. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Even though we can't see each other for awhile. I know it will make our bond stronger knowing that no matter how long we are apart we know that we still love each other. It's gonna be a long six months. But I'm proud to say I'm am a United States Army National Guard Girlfriend! I love my soldier.
CulinaryChick CulinaryChick
18-21, F
May 24, 2012