Fiance Becoming Army Ranger

i'm 17 and my fiance is 20. he is signing the papers for the army reserve in june, then is going to training in december. after that he is deployed for a year in afghanastan. we want to get married, but do not know when the best time would be. any advice or suggestions?
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As a 20 year Army veteran that has recently retired I will tell you like it is. I got married right after Airborne school and then prepared for deployment to Saudi when I got to the 82nd Airborne Division and I am still married to the same women. <br />
So here is the deal. TRUST, it is all about trust. If you do not trust him to not stray while away or he does not trust you then do not do it, wait. A Soldier on deployment does not need a "Dear John" letter. He/She has enough to worry about. You need to know that he cannot help you with any problems at home while away. You will be an Army spouse and you will need to be self sufficient. He will not be the same man when he comes home and you will not be the same woman either. The both of you will change...alot. The point I am making is you need to be sure this is what you want and are mature enough to make it work. Once he leaves the children games end and adult games begin. If your relationship is ba<x>sed on sex and partying it will self destruct.<br />
Now when he deploys you will be running the home front. That means paying the bills and such. If you don't have a job get one. His pay will not be enough and save all the money that you can. Remember he will need a job once he gets back since he is a Reservist.<br />
Young lady I wish you the best of luck. I pray that you beat the odds and again good luck. This can be the greatest adventure of your life or just really suck.

i loved your comment, thank you for your service!