Where to start... I met this amazing guy then found out he is in the army. I support him no matter what. This is all new to me and I have no idea how to be strong or how to act. I'm scared and just cry. If anyone could help me and just give me advice I'd love it. Thank you so much and to anyone else who has a oly friend in the army you are in my prayers <3
Dinanicole Dinanicole
1 Response Jun 15, 2012

I went through that exact situation with my boyfriend!! It sucks, sometimes I'd get so frustrated and mad but I didn't give up because I love him. The first time he came home made me realize it was worth all those lonely nights. Being able to see his whole face light up when he saw me was priceless. If your able to talk to him. Have "dates" time where you just talk on the phone trust me my boyfriend didn't like talking on the phone but now he loves our dates! Hang out with friends work school hit the gym read a good book or just stories on here. Staying busy is key. If you need anyone to talk to just message me :-)