Only The Beginning!

My soldier has just sworn in not two days after our one year anniversary and I couldn't be more scared. He is set to leave just a week before my birthday and will then head to Basic then AIT. I'm so proud of my soldier! He is more than excited to become a part of the United States Army and can't wait to experience everything they can and will throw at him. I know he will work wonders wherever he is sent.
However, I am still getting used to everything. We plan to be married someday so I know I will wait for him no matter how long he is away. Still, it is unbearable to think of him in harms way in any shape or form.
Anyway, it is good to know that this page is here. I have been struggling with coping with him leaving soon and there are no friends or family members who I can turn to who know what my heart is feeling right now. I'm so glad I have all you ladies out there who can help me get through it!
Thanks so much and I love you all! God bless you and your soldier! <3
dbacksgirl15 dbacksgirl15
18-21, F
Jun 16, 2012