A Lot To Handle

My boyfriend and I have been together for just over 6 months. He joined the army back in April and is leaving in exactly a month. I'm only 16, but I'm crazy about that boy. I am having a lot of trouble with him leaving, and I feel like no one around here knows how it is, except him. I think that if I have someone in the same situation to talk to it would make it easier. But at the same time, I feel like nothing is going to make it easier. I have my one best friend who has been there all the way, but she is moving around the same time he is and I don't want to have to go through it alone. Any advice, tips, help or just support would be awesome. Thank you.
ChelsaeLee ChelsaeLee
18-21, F
4 Responses Jun 18, 2012

Thank you <3 same to you, if you need to talk, feel free to message me or add me on Facebook. It is gonna be a long rough road, I know but everything will be worth it in the end. :)

i am around your age with the same problem! If you ever get lonely you can message me! I know how lonely it really is! :(

It is awesome to have a group of people who know what it's like. Thank you so much :)

Heyy my boyfriend joined the army almost two years ago but i remember how hard it was for him to leave the first time. My advice to you is to try and stay as busy as you can. It helps make the time go by quicker and takes your mind off of him being gone. It is going to be hard but you can talk to any of us on this site!!! i went through it without anyone to talk to who understood and that just made it worse! it is so nice to have people to talk to about it so you are welcome to message me anytime if you want to talk!!! im here for ya :]