Our Love Is Army Strong :)

My boyfriend just left for basic training a couple days ago. So far I am going crazy! I have luckily gotten to talk to him a good amount so far because 4th of July they were more relaxed on him, but as a lot of you probably know..whether you get 5 minutes or 5 hours to talk..when he says he has to go..your going to be sad. Our story is kinda different than most. I moved to NC a year ago, and have been dating my boyfriend for a little over 11 month. So yes, we have been in a long distance relationship from day one. I know it sounds crazy. And maybe it is. He used to go to my highschool and we got to talking a lot, he helped me cope with my move A LOT. After our first phone call ever lasted over 6 hours..I knew he was different. We have been thru many ups and downs, but luckily have been blessed with being able to see eachother a good amount of time..not as much as id like but I never complain. We talk about our futures like crazy..and that's what gets me by. I know if we get through these few years of hard times, we will have countless ones where I can wake up to him everyday. I know I love him more than I even thought possible..and I know he is worth the wait. Although its hard to sleep at night and my heart aches all the time..I know this isn't permanent..and sometime in the future I will be in his arms again.
Sorry for the rambling..I just realized talking about him feels really good!
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I totally understand what you mean!! I met my boyfriend on the internet actually and immediatly we had a connection after a few weeks of talking on the phone and skyping I knew I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life now 7 months later we're still going strong. I miss him like crazy almost everyday and we've only been able to see eachother 4 days in the last 5 months- really hard. But it is so worth it, I really believe in a long distance realtionship the love between two people is so much stronger then when theyre always together maybe because we dont take them for granted and I know when I have something amazing. I ramble about my boyfriend a lot to haha. Stay Army Strong :) its what sets us aprat I guess from other women we love our men more then anything. <br />
Good luck to you and your soldier :)

Wow! Thts amazing :) I definitely agree with evrything you said about long distance relationships! When I see him its so much more precious..we never fight cuz of it too! Cuz why waste the time fighting when we never get to see eachother. I see all these couples who see eachothr every day and they argue and are so mean to eachothr..I couldn't imagine doing that with my man. I am so much more grateful! And now especially going thru basic training..when I get to see him again I am gonna not let him out of my sight! :) good luck to you and your man too :)