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Our Love Is Army Strong :)

My boyfriend just left for basic training a couple days ago. So far I am going crazy! I have luckily gotten to talk to him a good amount so far because 4th of July they were more relaxed on him, but as a lot of you probably know..whether you get 5 minutes or 5 hours to talk..when he says he has to go..your going to be sad. Our story is kinda different than most. I moved to NC a year ago, and have been dating my boyfriend for a little over 11 month. So yes, we have been in a long distance relationship from day one. I know it sounds crazy. And maybe it is. He used to go to my highschool and we got to talking a lot, he helped me cope with my move A LOT. After our first phone call ever lasted over 6 hours..I knew he was different. We have been thru many ups and downs, but luckily have been blessed with being able to see eachother a good amount of time..not as much as id like but I never complain. We talk about our futures like crazy..and that's what gets me by. I know if we get through these few years of hard times, we will have countless ones where I can wake up to him everyday. I know I love him more than I even thought possible..and I know he is worth the wait. Although its hard to sleep at night and my heart aches all the time..I know this isn't permanent..and sometime in the future I will be in his arms again.
Sorry for the rambling..I just realized talking about him feels really good!
rach47 rach47 18-21, F 2 Responses Jul 5, 2012

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I totally understand what you mean!! I met my boyfriend on the internet actually and immediatly we had a connection after a few weeks of talking on the phone and skyping I knew I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life now 7 months later we're still going strong. I miss him like crazy almost everyday and we've only been able to see eachother 4 days in the last 5 months- really hard. But it is so worth it, I really believe in a long distance realtionship the love between two people is so much stronger then when theyre always together maybe because we dont take them for granted and I know when I have something amazing. I ramble about my boyfriend a lot to haha. Stay Army Strong :) its what sets us aprat I guess from other women we love our men more then anything. <br />
Good luck to you and your soldier :)

Wow! Thts amazing :) I definitely agree with evrything you said about long distance relationships! When I see him its so much more precious..we never fight cuz of it too! Cuz why waste the time fighting when we never get to see eachother. I see all these couples who see eachothr every day and they argue and are so mean to eachothr..I couldn't imagine doing that with my man. I am so much more grateful! And now especially going thru basic training..when I get to see him again I am gonna not let him out of my sight! :) good luck to you and your man too :)

I completely understand :) there are things I'm able to talk to my boyfriend about that I can't talk to with anyone else. Its good to hear other stories and know I'm not alone on this :) it'll take about a week to get a letter and a couple of weeks to get his address just hang in there cause after you get to about four weeks he can write you everyday and you'll be getting letters like crazy :) I love them!!! Tuesday he sent me his dog tags and those patches they put on his uniform! I felt like crying from happiness, just hang in there, and like your title said, stay army strong :)

Thank you for the update on letters..cuz I will love getting them from him! And I have been writing him daily but he wasn't sure if he could receive any he thought maybe he could just send them..but that's great!