I'm Depressed, Please Help!

Hey everyone,
I talked to my boyfriend today and it didn't go too well. He's at basic in GA.
We talked and I noticed a change from him being the sweetest person to the most bitter person.

He curses a lot ... S and F words. I told him I don't like it that much but I wasn't trying to pick a fight or anything and then he said I tried to pick a fight, and he said that I don't know what's he going through. We argued, I said I wasn't trying to pick a fight but then I apologized.

In my mind I wanted to understand him, but It's not only him that going through this. I'm not used to him cursing so much and it brought me down. I wanted to explain to him just because he's there being treated so badly, doesn't mean he has to put it on me. Well, I didn't say anything because I didn't wanna make the situation worse that what it already is. I'm sad and I don't know how to feel about this.

Someone please help ;(
Thank you so much
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Don't give up <3 he may be different, he's going to change, but he is going through a lot right now. Just be there for him, it will help, don't say anything to upset him, just try to be as happy as you can, no matter his mood, so he knows you are there for him. I'm scared after reading that though, my boyfriend gets in bad moods a lot, I can't imagine when he leaves! Anyway, just stay strong, once everything calms down over there his mood should get better.

Thank you and I won't give up!

The first phase of basic is really tough for the soldiers. My soldier is at BTC in GA as well and just finished with red phase. He was irritable and in bad mood pretty much the whole time, but now that he's in white phase he's in a much better mood because the training is more focused on playing with guns haha. Give it time I'm sure his mood will start to lighten up.

yeah, he's in red phase right now. I'll try to understand and be there for him (: I'll stay positive as much as I can.

Dont run away or get into a bad fr<x>ame of mind. We as chicks who hold our men down are here for each other if need be vent to me ill give you my email. Ill listen, the army does change a persons mind. They are training or trained to do things many civilians wont or cant do and thats alot of pressure and stress and things we cant explain. Stay strong and let him know its ok its hard but sometimes you have to put your pride and ego aside.

I appreciate your advise !! thank you so much. I feel better today, and I won't give up. I'll try to understand him better.

Well my boyfriend is currently deployed. and he gets the worst attitudes ever. it starts arguments. but i get to talk to mine kind of alot. your boyfriend is in basic training? and if he is they dont get alot of time to talk as it is. so just give it some time and when hes done with his training and still acts like that then maybe you need to walk away from that relationship. The military changes people

thank you. That was really helpful

your welcome :)