Hardest Thing Ive Ever Done

My boyfriend left for basic training for the army a few weeks ago. hes at fort benning in Georgia. I know it hasnt been long but it feels like hes been gone forever. I've been having problems to, with missing him. I try to tell my friends vut they jist dont understand. I hate the fact that i cry every night but I just miss him sooo much. This is probably the hardest thing ive ever had to do. I wish i had sosomeone to talk to, someone who understands what I'm going thru :/
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Mine is in Ft. Benning too! And his graduation is in 12 days! It's honestly the hardest thing you'll ever do, considering that you love him, but the wait is worth it, the tears will be worth it, everything will be worth it when you first see him. Keep writing him, keep him strong because he needs you. You'll grow feelings like no other in the bl<x>ink of an eye. But I'm getting through it, and the wait seems so long but you'll get there, I promise<3

I know, it's crazy how it feels like it has been months when it has really only been a couple weeks :/... I feel the exact same way. My boyfriend has been gone almost 3 weeks now and I feel like I have come a long way but then I remember how much I still have to go. <br />
At first, I would talk to my friends about it, and you're right, if they haven't gone through it, they don't and will never understand. I have been lucky enough to meet a girl who has gone through this with her boyfriend. She has also experienced two deployments. So, she has had the most wonderful and comforting things to say, and since you haven't gotten that type of reaction from your friends, I thought I'd share some of the things that made me feel better. First, she said you will realize very quickly how thankful you are to be the girlfriend of a wonderful soldier in training. You will be so proud because you can say that you are standing by him while he becomes a hero. She also said that each time you reunite with him, you will get the whole "butterflies just falling in love feeling" all over again. EVERY TIME! :) Isn't that amazing? Not many people get to experience that with their boyfriends, and think of how lucky you are that you can get crazy butterflies each time you kiss him after his absence. <br />
What I really want to tell you, is try try try to meet someone else going through the same thing. It helps SO MUCH. If you can't, then the girls on this website know exactly what you're going through as well. Including me :) So let me know if there's anything I can do to help what you're going through!

my boyfriend just left monday it suck it hasnt been log but its forever in my book sleeping with out him my side is the ahrdest thing for me hence that fact im writing this a 5 in the morning it sucks but its just nine weeks we have got to look at it this way there is no way he wont come home from basics..<br />
if u ever need anything feel free to come to me.<br />

Looking back, basic was the easiest part out of everything. I worked a lot and kept myself busy and at night when I was alone I would write him and tell him all about my day and I would write just like I was talking to him in the same room. I wouldn't send him all of the letters I wrote, but I would write until I was ready to fall asleep. It made me feel like I just had a conversation with him and I got out everything I wanted to tell him and it would make me sleep like a baby rather than staying up all night thinking too much. You should try it. It helps a lot.