33 More Days And I Just Want To Cry!

My boyfriend has been at Fort Benning for about two months now. His graduation is in 33 days and then i can hold and kiss him again. These two months have felt like a year. I just wana scream and then cry my eyes out. I miss his so much it hurts. Im scared i forgot what his voice sounds like and what he looks like. And now he sends me a letter saying he hasnt got my letters in two weeks and that its making him worried sick, that he hasnt heard from me, and that hes thought the worse has happen. (that i've gaven up on him) It just makes me so mad. I would never give up on him. I love him so much and i feel like im about to lose my mind without him.
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My soldier isn't getting my letters either (Ft. Benning also). He graduates mid-september. Are any of you going to graduation? I am flying up there the 18th with his mom.

Yes! Mine graduates that day too!! :D what's the name of your mans platoon?

Mines does too! Lol omg thats so wierd. His moms driving me me. His family day is the 14th n his graduation is the 15th acually. Just a few days before yalls

Bravo Company, 3-47 Infantry Regiment

Only thing i know is that my soldier is 91 bravo. Hes the 46th infranty platoon

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Aww my bf is in fort benning as well. What day does he graduate? I think it's the same graduation as my bf. that would be so cool! But I know how you feel! But he will get your letters soon and it will make him so happy. He's worried now but that relief that he is going to feel will make him be so extremely happy and more excited to see you

My soldiers platoon split up, so like everyones mail has been lost or given to the wrong person. Hes told me that its been really hectic and crazy there. Things arent going as organized.

But is he in delta or Charlie? Or which one

Honestly i dont know. Im going to have to ask him what his platoon is called

Should be on the letters you send to him. My bf is Charlie troop 1-16 so on the tree I put "C Troop 1-16 Cav" and then the platoons number.

Oh mines BCO 1st BN, 46th infrantry, 3rd platoon. And then his roster number is 3319697. Thats too much to put on a letter lol.

But honestly i dont know if hes delta or charlie. It doesnt say that on his letters

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I know how you feel my boyfriend has also sent me a letter like that and I don't know if he has gotten my letters since then but I'm hoping that he has gotten them and that he is doing better.