Not Giving Up

Today me and Jake had a horrible fight to say the least. He broke up with me but its complicated. So I was at work and a friend called me, asking what happened and if I was okay. So naturally I was like oh god whats wrong whats happened who died you know blah blah blah. She said "well Jake's relationship status just changed to 'single'" I was like oh god "I'm at work right now I cant handle this." After I hung up with miss nosy pants I immediately got on FB. THANK THE LORD HE WAS STILL ONLINE. So at this point I'm hyperventilating and my boss knows and my other co worker knows and its crazy and I cant stop crying and coughing and I can barely breathe. Like a five hundred pound boulder was dropped on my chest. It was the worst so we talked on FB for about thirty minutes and I couldn't stop crying, so I finally got sent home. No one likes a crying receptionist. When I got home I got on my laptop and we continued talking. So much was said, so much was figured out, it was just soooo much. I love that man with my whole heart. Now we're not back together, which sucks but we basically are if you get what I'm sayin'. I'm just glad I caught him before he signed off. I would die without him in my life. I'm so thankful we can work things out. He is seriously the only man I ever EVER want to be with. With him being deployed it just made all this worse, and my childish insecurities don't help or my lack of communication skills when it comes to emotions. This is just way too much to take in right now. But I am so done with my fears getting in the way of my relationships, and I'm so glad we could talk things through and understand each other a little more. Also before he went offline he said "I feel like this conversation helped us" all I could think was thank god he said US. He put a little <3 and went to bed. I'm just glad that nosy person called me or I would just be so single and heartbroken right now and I'd probably go into the worst depression ever.
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Hey I'm just seeing this. I'm sorry you hadto go through this but I'm glad you guys are OK.

Thank you, it doesn't make this deployment any easier but we'll make it. :]

As long as you stay positive and have faith you will :-)

Thank you, I'm trying, just one step at a time. If only the next six months would fly by.

Omg I just got off work an saw this and my jaw dropped. You poor thing! But in my experience it's better to not have anything on fb. It causes more drama because people can see that sh*t you know? And I've been though a break with my man a few months before he went to bootcamp and I'm so glad we did because it brought us back together so much closer and stronger. Don't let your insecurities get the best of you because mine got the best of me too and that's why we took a break in the first place but whenever you feel jealousy or something comming on write it down on a paper and burn that sh*t and don't let it worry you anymore. I do it all the time. Don't tell him any negative things because when a guy loves a girl and she's doubting him Ohhhh trust me they get pissed lol so just take a breather and fight for your man. Do always be supportive and positive

Yeah this is all way too new for me. I'm just glad we're working things out, my luck isnt that great when it comes to guys. Especially since we're so serious, I have NEVER been jealous over any other guy before so now I get jealous i'm like where did this come from? I trust him, just not those nasty ****** that talk to him.

Yeah I know exactly what you mean about the nasty hoes. Unfortunately there will always be hoes. But you said he's deployed right? Even if they talk to him, what could he possibly be doing you know? He dosnt want to hear negative things from his girl you know? It's had to believe but it does hurt them when we are insecure but they don't know how to react so they come off as angry or as jerks. Just trust him. I know it's hard trust me I would know cuz I still have trouble with that. Like alot! But just don't be looking for trouble and you won't find it. In other words don't be looking at his page every time you get a chance because you will find things that you don't like sometimes. It sounds weird but it's the truth. He won't leave stuff out there if he thinks they are important. So if theirs comments and **** and he just leaves them then he really dosnt think they are important.

Thanks, yeah that is my whole issue is being insecure and I'm realizing he doesn't like that so thats something I'm working on, I wish it would just happen every night. But I feel like its gonna get better quick.

Yeah it will. Everything will be fine :) good luck!

Thank you :D

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Did he change his status back to "in a relationship"? Hope it works out girlie!

No we're technically on a "break" idk it doesnt really feel any different we just don't have a title I guess. Thanks I hope it does too.

Just don't let him use you! Breaks are no fun

Yeah I know, I think its mostly because he's going through the whole I don't deserve you faze and it sucks

Ohh I see. :/

Yeah it sucks because he deserves a lot better than he thinks he does.

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