I Am a Army Girlfriend

My boyfriend is in the Army and leaving in 2 weeks for Fort Benning, Georgia for basic training. I am extremly scared but trying to stay strong for the sake of not going insane. I'm still learning and getting use to the military life, even though i know it hasn't even begun. He and his best friend joined together, so i know theres someone that will help him not feel so alone. I'm just a little confused and wondering what to do for the next 4 months when he leaves or someone to talk to that might be going through the same thing.

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I have some helpful hotel advice for you, email me when you have some time lol:)<br />
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My boyfriend was in bootcamp at Ft. Benning, and it's true.. it's not easy being away from him when he's gone But, things will get better as his weeks go one...<br />
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When he first arrives, he will only have about 40 seconds at most to call you and tell you that he's there safe and will be in touch soon...<br />
Usually it's a few days to a week before he'll get to make a real call home and it will be brief. <br />
They divide the bootcamp process up into color phases: red, white, and blue phase. What starts as the most difficult will be just that, but you sound very strong and I'm sure will make it through:)! <br />
At Benning, they usually don't let them call more then once a week (depending on how much they accomplish) and it's typically on a weekend. <br />
He will be able to use a phone card ((no one likes those things)), and will be able to send you letters starting right away... Getting letters is really the best motivation for them because they can't talk much throughout the whole process, so send away! Mail usually takes about a week to get to them, and vice versa..<br />
Once they enter the ending color phases of training, they will have more time on the phone (they more or less have to earn their priviledges)... Eventually time will go on and they will be able to talk for an hour on a single day and will be able to call more frequently. This isnt really until the 5th week though.... such a bummer I know! :(<br />
You'll eventually get lots of info on their graduation ceremonies which will be very hot! So dress cool! Their graduations are on a lot in the hot georgia sun...<br />
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I wish him the best of luck and I'm sure he'll do great! If you have any other questions or need to talk, feel free to email, Id be happy to. :D<br />
Always,<br />

aw welcome to the military life! You'll experience some great interesting things! I'm an Army brat; my dad did his basic traning at Fort Benning, GA as well. Remember to be STRONG & to never give up on him & your relationship with each other. Do alot of communication's & learn how to express each others feelings!!! The whole distance will bring you two closer (i hope!) & we'll appreicate each other alittle more than before. Hang in there & what ever you are feeling or want to express we are here to listen(read) & try our best to help you get through it all since most of us gone through it ourselves so we pretty much know wsup (: I wish you good luck & keep us all posted !!!

My boyfriend is currently at basic training. It is hard the first few weeks but once you get that first letter you will feel so much better. Try and find somthing to fill your time like work or friends or a hobby. Stuff like that will help the time go by a lot faster. If you want to talk, I'm always here. Hang in there and enjoy the weeks with him. Good luck :)

hi there:) we are all here to talk. thats where my boyfriend is right now. but he is leaving anyday for deployment. im freaking out. but if u ever need to talk...