Things Gradually Went Down Hill For Me & My Army Boyfriend, What Do I Do To Keep Things Right?

Hello everyone, my name is Nesha. I really need help wit my relationship... My boyfriend n I met over the phone thru a friend n from the very beginning things hit off. I live in Illinois n he lives in Georgia. He told me he was looking for a wife and someone that would support him and I agreed that i was looking for the same thing. This was july of 2011. We finally met n got together that December. From that moment on we would call each other uncontrollably n talk all the time.. 3mths later which was march, I flew out to see him. We hit it off again.! Slowly the calls faded away to the point where he wouldn't even respond to my text.. Then he completely stopped all contact in May.. 30 days went past n he said he was out in the field.. I tried to be supportive n understanding so I took him back n we moved forward. I even went to visit him again. This time it was nothing like the first or the second..He seemed annoyed wit me, and told me that I nagg too much.. The only thing I was really telling him was what I wanted because I felt he had totally disregarded my request's.. However, I do take that he is still young into consideration but he seems much more mature about everything else. He is 23 and I am 25 and I truly feel like he's the one. I love everything about him n I don't know what to do. I sit and wait for his calls or text (not technically) n they won't come thru... I know that he said that he would be going over to Afghanistan this mth n instead of him pulling me closer it seems we're slipping thru each others fingers.. Even when I was visiting him, I still felt distant. We argued a little and that just isnt like us.. It's been 22days n I still haven't heard from him.. Will he even kiss me goodby..?! I'm driving myself crazy because I've never had anyone treat me such as he but I don't know what happened.. I don't know if it's stress or he's just done.. All I know is that I really want things to work n if he meant anything he said, he would too.. We vowed to each other we would ride this out til the very end but I don't know If the end is closer than I can see. I try to be patient n took the blame for many things because I can sometime come off a lil needy only because this is something new to me.. Yes it's been about a yr that I've been trying to adjust but I'm still learning to cope.. I don't undertand cause anytime he wants to see me, no matter what, I make time to get there.. I have never flown anywhere til I met him n he encourages me in many ways.. I don't want to just leave him but when he told me I even nagg in my text, when I only tell him how I miss him n can't wait to see him, I was really what's next.. I have faith and I am a fighter but I don't want to be fighting alone. He also said that if he didnt feel the way as he did when we got together then I wouldn't have been there with him but thats not what he's showing.. So must I continue to try to work wit him or move on? I figured things was only the way that they are because we're so far apart. He is suppose to be getting out next yr in May n thats when we're suppose to work at our relationship but Im not sure..I don't want to talk negative but idk if it's real.. He use to even tell me he loves me and that although we have a bad moment, that doesn't mean he'll run out on me n cheat but at the end of the day he's still a man.. Is this all in my head and Im just over reacting or is my relationship really coming to an end?? Please help.. He leaves to go over seas any day now..!!!!!
NeshaSaffold NeshaSaffold
22-25, F
Sep 7, 2012