3rd Letter...*tears* &his Bdayyy

Got a third letter from my love today he sounded as if he was okay and thing were getting better....he jus doesnt care for his platoon bcuz their always gettin everyone in trouble over dumb stuff like talkin wen not told to...anywho to feel how much he misses me just makes me tear up...he said in the middle of his sleep he often reaches over for me n have to remember im not there...and that sometimes he sit and wonder why he left me here back home....OMG THAT JUST BROKE MY LITTLE HEART SEEING THAT.....and it esp. sucks because his bday is monday and i cant spend it with him = ( i had his letter mail priority today so it could possibly get to him by his bday....i miss him so much...i dont want him to feel bad for ANYTHING he told me in his last letter to "stay strong for HIM....so that he can stay strong for US!" n that exactly what im trying to do....
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3 i haven't got a letter yet sighs .<br />
but stay strong .

It took awhile for mines to start coming....how many weeks has he been there?

He left aug 28 ; so he's going into his week 2 :( I have a long way to go

O ok my bf left aug 14 in i didnt get a letter until the 29th or 30th one of those days....u should get one in another week or 2

I really hope so :(

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Yes, he's right. Stay strong ! <3 keep yourself busy, It will go by faster than you know! He's a sweet guy. How long has he been in Basics? everything will get better as he moves on to the next phase. Just be positive and supportive. I know you miss your man, so do I (: At least, you know you're not the only one going through this!

Yea i try to stay pretty busy...he's been at basic goin on 4 weeks now tuesday...n thanks girly this is the only place i can come to where ppl dont get tired of hearing me talk about my love lol

I know hun. We're on the same boat! &lt;3