3 Days Away!

Just three more day and i will be with my baby. I can run into his arms and hold him again. Get to kiss his soft lips. I really hope the army hasnt changed him a lot. I want to see the man i fell in love with, not a completely new man. I cant wait! I miss him so freaking much. I cant believe its amost here. Feels like yesterday i was saying goodbye to him. Time flew by so fast.
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Awh yay (: I'm happy for you!!! I don't get to see my man until December, it's only been a week, but I am glad to hear that time flew by for you! (: I swear this week has been the longest week of my life haha. Congratulations lovely!

Thanks. Ya im leavinf in the morning to go see him. Im so happy you dont even know. And ya i know how you feel. Ive had those weeks too

YAY! congratulations (: bet you're happy <3 I have until Christmas even though he's been gone for 9 weeks already :/

I get to see him 2 days and then he ships off to AIT for twelve weeks.

congratulations :) my bf just left a week and a half ago for basic and is gonna be home in december. it is reassuring to hear that the time goes by fast, i miss him like crazy

Ha yeah. You keep yourself busy trust me it will go by fast


Haha yeah. Mines been gone for 3 months now though.

Yea i still have a whole 46 days....but i must admit time really has been flying by

I got two days with hom and then another 12 weeks ahead of me


LOL :)

I'm so excited!!! You better post pictures girl

I will lol. Everyone wants me to post them on facebook too. I think all my friends and family are more excited for me then i am lol

Yeah I agree lol. Your like me. It hasn't totally hit you yet. I can just imagine what my stomac will feel like right before I see his face. Omg I'm gonna pee myself haha

Ill probably cry. Run into his arms. Check him out and then kiss him like crazy. Trust me he wont be able to say a word. Ill be all over him before he can get a word out.

Haha oh trust me I shall be doing the same to mine

I cant wait :)

He says he has a surprise for me on family day. Its killing me. Iwana know what it is. Ugh!


Now it's gonna kill me. Haha

Ha see! I hate surprises

Me too! Surprises are stupid. Lol

I know. They make you anxious and make you think. And its like ugh!


Lol just 2 more days and 2 long days of work. I got work 8 hour shifts both days.

Omg tell me about it! Next week I have no days off. That's never happened. But since I'll be missing alot of days she wants to make sure my check isn't too bad but still. It's going to be a loooong week for me next week

No fun. I hate long weeks

Yeah. Blah :(

Today has been one of the longest days ever. :(

Ahhh but it's pretty much over and now you technically only have one day left ahhhhhh I'm so excited!!!! I feel like its me lol

Eh why are men such pain in the ***** sometimes. :/

What did he do. Lol

He wouldnt answer this question last night. But he finally did this morning

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