So Proud Of My Man

I can't say more of how proud I am of my man. We have been separated from one another since April, and today I was the first to hear the good news. My man got promoted to Sergeant! (wish it was "I am coming home early" but we can only dream) I am so proud of him and so happy to find out that he got a transfer to a unit that is an hour away from where I live. From what he told me he could possibly be going to a different school and would be living an hour away instead of three and half hours away. I am so excited!! Something else to look forward to when he gets home. I have to say he has been waiting on this promotion for a year now, and finally received it when he went to Afghanistan for the third time. Time is going faster and soon he will be home, but all I can say is that I am so proud of him. I love him so much, and can't wait for him to come home in April 2013. Seems so far away but we will make it through.
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My boyfriend is deployed in Sudan since Jan and he just gave me the bad news this morning .. he re assigned for another 8 months cuz he wants to be sergeant 1!:-( Though he told me he is trying his best to visit me soon...i feel devastated and depressed...I was looking forward to be with him for my bday in Nov. 15...and the military ball...guess ill have to wait till next yr...

I totally understand, my bday is next month and my bf won't be here for it and even though he has to stay in for another year is hard but I knew he wanted to become sergeant as well so for me I try to think of the positives. He loves me, he cares, he is going to make it work no matter what. Even though is bad news or good news or sits in the middle the fact they are willing to make things work through all the rough spots and knowing that its hard on us military girlfriends just shows that they care. You and I are going through the same things right now, but stay positive everything works out in the end. Also, there is stuff to look forward to like when you guys see each other again try to make plans for that day, and look forward to next year and being able to be with one another. If you need to talk I am here, just keep your head up and time will fly.

The Lord will send angels to watch over hi on ur behalf.<br />
Stay happy.

Awww so happy for you!! My bf is still at basic training and I miss him like crazy that sometimes I dont know what to do!!! Sometimes I start feeling that when he comes back he's not going to love me anymore or forget about me.. Were you with your bf before he joined the army?? Have things worked out okay during his deployments I just want to know so that I can stay confident and know that things will work out with me and my bf cause I love him to death and don't want to loose him!! Please help!!

I know those feelings well. I had the same issues with my bf. Even though I didn't go through basic with him its still hard and was very new to me when we meet. We have always been long distance since we first met by 3 and a half hours and dealing with the army. Every day, at the beginning of his deployment, I had thoughts of him not loving me anymore when he returns home but we talked and I had nothing to worry about. He always told me to be completely honest with him no matter what and I am very much honest with him. "distance makes the heart grow fonder" and for me this saying is very true. with distance u test urself on what u can handle, and its not easy. Im a very emotional person and at first I stressed and cried and was very frustrated about everything and even with him being so far away he still helped me through. Things will be rough and those doubts won't go away completely but staying positive and conversing with one another openly and as much as possible ull make it through. deployments are tough but they make u stronger. With this deployment we have actually become closer and r talking about a future together. Even though things can and will get tough just remember u r not alone going through this, and that being an army girlfriend is full of doubts just as much as happiness, but if u let love and happiness be the main point for u then those doubts u have r just small compared to the bigger picture. Always stay honest through communication and use Skype alot. It heps to see one another and Skype is amazing tool to use. Keep ur hopes up and if u need to talk I am here. Im still new to things but ive learned alot. I hope this helps :)