Well Looks Like It's The End Of The Road For Me.

Sad day Friday. I'm no longer an Army girlfriend anymore. He broke up with me friday night. Girls just keep doing what you are doing. I hope that things last much longer for all of you than It lasted for me. Stay strong ladies. Looks like I'll be seein ya.
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2 Responses Sep 9, 2012

awww im sorry to hear that.. But why did your bf break up with you? is he in basic training or deployed??


:( are you ok?

Yeah, I knew it was coming. This whole thing has made me stronger. I'm also a culinary student. So i can handle a lot. But i have my roommates and friends from college to support me. It hasn't set in fully quite yet but I can handle it. I know i can

i didnt know you were in culinary...thats awesome, im on my third year to be a pastry chef :) im glad your doing good

It's my life now. Now not to sound like a horrible person but I can finally explore my bounds more. A bunch of us are wanting to take our internship to Amsterdam this summer! He wants to come see me when he gets back I don't know how well that's going to go over. There is a boy that likes me here. He's helped me out a lot this weekend with this whole thing. But this i'm so happy right now. I've never had this big of a smile for a long time. This major makes me smile everyday. It's all I talk about with friends and family. But this whole breakup won't slow me down. It will only make me a stronger person. It will only make me go harder and stronger to test myself and go all out on this! Remember, NEVER BACK DOWN! ever. THis culinary thing i'm doing. Makes me so happy. It makes me feel almost bulletproof