A Letter From Home

I come back in from patrol
I throw my webbing on the floor
I put my weapon in my locker
My body is aching, tired and sore

Lying on my bed, thinking of you
The tears are filling in my eyes
Upon my bedside table
A letter from you, what a nice surprise

I open the letter, I smell your scent
I read it for the umpteenth time
I still can`t believe its over
You no longer want to be mine

I`m thousands of miles away
I need to hold you near
You`re having another mans child
I read it again and wipe away a tear

It had been so long, since your last letter
And now I know the reason why
I will love you always and forever
Within my heart and my soul, goodbye

They knocked on her door to break the news
That her husband had taken his own life
She knew he could not live without her
Knowing she no longer wanted to be his wife

StepSter903 StepSter903
18-21, F
5 Responses Sep 10, 2012

:/ that's horrible.

Omg )': This made me cry!

This is too sad :( feel like crying now. :(

Omg :''( nooo

:/ this is so sad