I Feel Like It's About It All End...

I feel like this relationship with my boyfriend is coming to a haulting end....
I rarely get as many phone calls as I used to and now he isn't even talking to me ever. He is playing his video game or is on the computer during Skype.. (facebook, yahoo, etc.) And I can't help but feel he is losing interest... He has been gone away now for three months. And he is slowly but surely making me feel like I am not wanted..
On the phone I was having a REALLY bad day and I told him about it, he said he was sorry I was having a bad day and blah blah blah... cuts me off and says I will call you right back... NEVER called me back.. ok maybe he got busy.
Next, we were skyping.. then suddenly it ends... so I thought it was poor connection because Korea has bad wifi.... He then calls me back that same night saying he had a 911 call and had to attend to it. He tells me the story about some guy getting beat up.. the same one he just told be about on skype that very day. So he LIED. And I caught he lying. I didn't say anything other than :"You told me this story before."
Next, one of his 'buddies' that is female went to the hospital.. he left base past curfew with no ID (if you've been dating a fellow soldier you'll know that this is a huge risk and a big NO NO) to go with her to the hospital.. stays the night with her to make sure she is ok.
I see his compassion.. he wanted to make sure she was ok. I get that. Then he calls me tonight and says that he is going to visit her to see if he is doing ok. That he is going out and buying her **** from everyone to make her feel better. FINE I get it, he's being nice. Then after he tells me this we talk for five mins of actual conversation and says that he has to go visit her now and had to go.. I said ok, I'll talk to you later. He said ok I'll call later. I said goodbye and he hung up.
I'm pissed off, emotional and don't know what the **** to think.
I feel like he is going to leave me. I don't know what the hell I would do if I lost him while he was away, because I've been at home hoping he is okay... waiting for that phone call.... worrried about the typhoon that hit Korea... I've been here at home waiting for him. And if he ups and leaves me I will loose my mind...
I just don't know..
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If he doesn't want to be with you, then he's not "the one" for you, so why would you want him anyway? You do need to put your cards on the table and let him know how you feel.

I'm so sorry hun ;( Maybe you really need to have a serious conversation about it. Confront him. DO NOT hide your feelings and speak up. Ask him if he feels the same? tell him exactly how you feel. Hopefully, he'll understand if he loves you and still wants the relationship. I know it's hard being away. <br />
<br />
Cheer up! Hope you feel better <3