Standing By Your Man-at All Costs. And Surviving The Trash Talk!!

How do you survive the distance, and the time.. While loving them non stop, and trying to push out all the trash talk?
First of all. Anytime you happen to find anybody that is amazing for you. And it's honestly, really a good thing. There will Always be those who have something rude and negative to say about your relationship. But when your heart belongs to a Soldier. It's like the drama multiplies 110% . I am not completely sure as to why that is. But I feel like I am always looked upon as pathetic, or completely stupid, as to what some have called Me. And why? For loving and supporting a Hero?. I don't see why on Earth that is such a crime to some people. All I have gotten is: "How do you do it"? , "I can't imagine what your going through", "your dating a Soldier"? , why on earth would you do that. "you know every military relationship always fails, they always end up cheating on you, or you them. And nobody can ever handle long distance commitments.". And I just look at them, with a smile on My face and say. "I do it because I love him, as a man and as My friend. Because He has chosen to make the ultimate sacrifice for My safety and freedom. He is MY hero, and deserves every bit of encouragement, and support that I can give. Yes, it is hard. I can't lie about that. There are times when I get angry, when I question Us. When all the doubts, and the fears and worried set in, and try to overwhelm Me. But I don't let it tear Me down. I stay Army strong, just like My Soldier. Because I made the pact. Took the vows to stand by His side, no matter the cost. I won't give up. This life is not for everyone, I will say that! Anybody can do it, but not all can make it through without loosing it. It's all about patience, mad respect, honor, unconditional love, and understanding. It's the choice to say, no matter where this road takes Us. No matter how hard it gets. I won't let go.. Only give in when the going gets tough. It's about sacrifice. And lots of it too! Taking the vows to put what's important first, before what you want. It's about cherishing every tiny embrace, every kiss, and every simple touch and smile. Hanging on to words, and memories. Because you never know when any day could be the last. Bad things can happen yes. That's A given for some situations. But you have to learn how to look past all of the bs. And have faith, hope, and trust. You have to be willing to give up your fears, your judgments, and your selfish acts. To be there in every way possible for the one you love. You see I don't let those negative words get to Me. I know this life. And even though it's hard, it's good in it's parts. I know the love I have with My Soldier. And I know the dangers, the trails, and all the endless nights spent in tears. But I still wouldn't change My decision for the world. I love My hero. And I support him 110%. Always will! No... It's certainly NOT easy.. But I can promise you that if he's the one. The He is worth it. Your relationship is worth the wait. And any time.. At all.. That you think or feel like giving up. Just remember the One big reason why you held on for so long. ;) -ProudArmyGirlfriend!!..
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I could not agree more. I've been on this site for merely hours and already gotten way more hate than support. I don't think people should be that way, then again nobody understands the love between two people besides those two people. Only those two people will know if they're going to make it or not. And I'm 110% positive we will make it. I really need to stop letting people get to me, thanks for this!(:

Omg thats the most touching and heart felt thing ive heard on here. Im in tears right now. That was the sweetest most truest thing ever. It really is the hardest relationship ever. And girl dont listen to all those negative things they say to you. They dont know how yall feel about each other. Just writing this i can tell you're truely a strong woman and is truely there for your soldier. I look up an respect you for that. Because ive had to say goodbye to my soldier twice now and people saying it gets easier everytime you do it. Dont listen to them. Everytime ive seen my man and it can just be two days i falll even more in love with him and it becomes even harder to let him go. It really is the hardest thing youll have to do is say goodbye to them. But you can do it. I believe in you. Stay army strong for your man.

It is hard but it would be harder without them. <3