Family Day Was Amazing!

So today was my babys family day at fort benning. Omg when i first saw him it felt like my heart stopped and i was glued to the spot. And then he hugged me and my knees went all jelly and i lost my breath. Omg he looked so damn sexy in those ACU's and feeling his arms around me was something ive been wanting for months. When i got to kiss him and hold him again for awhile today i knew then and there that this man is my other half. The man of my dreams. But i guess this what it feels like when you found the right guy. Because when i was with him today it felt like i belonged and the other half of me that was missing was there. But he hugged me goodbye kissed me on my forehead. Held my chin and told me dont be sad baby, youll see me tomorrow. Kissed me goodbye then said i love you sweetheart and then walked off. But when he walked off it felt like half of me left me and now i have this empty feeling inside. I feel sick to my stomach and already miss this man like crazy. I couldnt ask for s better day today. It was one of the best days in my life and ill never forget it. I love my soldier so much and hell always know im by his side. Im never leaving him.
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My boyfriend is in Ft. Benning too, was it EVERYONE'S family day, or just the one's that have been there longer? If you know.

Just the ones that completed thier whole ten week. There was another company training and had to watch michaels company graduate.

Oh yeah, my boyfriend was probably there watching<3(: Glad you got to see yours though! I got two more months!:(

Aww. Its well worth it though. I promise. The second you get to see him and how much hes grown up from basic will be the best moment of your life. And that first hug and kiss is amazing.

I can only imagine now<3 Glad your day went well!

Thanks. Im waiting for his ait to be finished now.

Gahh.. Yep I'll have to wait for that too:( Sooo much time away.. He gets to come home at Christmas though, so I see him in November, and then again a month into his AIT, in December(:

Oh wow. Michael graduates december 13

Well that's not that long at all! Goodluck to you two!

Thanks. And he get s gold pass. Where he can go off base or he can bring someone on base in about 6 weeks. So hes guna fly me to fort jackson, so we can spend a weekend together.

That's neat, hopefully Kevin gets that too!(: Have fun when you go!

Thanks. I gota save up for the plane ticket though.

I'm doing the exact same for the trip to Georgia from Michigan..

Oh wow thats a long way. Mines just from kentucky to south carolina.

Yeah, I'm going across the country for him<3(:

Thats true love there. Lol

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Aww, I'm happy for you that you got to see your man (:

Thanks. It was really great. :)