Short Time, So Many Memories.. I Miss You.

I met Kevin about 8 months ago.. In January. I was good friends with his brother and stumbled across his Facebook page. We started talking. There's a huge age gap, I might as well throw that out there now. I'm 15, and he's 21. If anyone has anything negative to say about that, please don't say anything at all. I know it looks bad from the outside, but unless you've been around us and know us you have no idea how we are together. He asked me to be his girlfriend on February 26th of this year. I obviously said yes because I was already in love with him. He was still in college studying to be a cop. He really hated only seeing me on weekends so he started not going back during the week.. He ended up missing so much school he just quit. At that time he was talking to an Army recruiter, but I didn't think too much of it. He told me from the getgo he was talking to this guy, and that I wasn't going to change his mind, so if I didn't like it, I should probably not be with him. I didn't think he'd actually do it. About three months ago I realized he was serious when he kept driving over an hour away to meet up with this recruiter when he really didn't have the money to be doing that unless he was serious. We thought it'd be awhile before he got sent off though, so still I wasn't too worried. The last time he went they told him his enlistment day, and he was to leave for Basic Training at Fort Benning, Georgia on September 11th. What a great day to leave right? Anniversary of our country being attacked? I thought that was a good omen, NOT. I was sad to find out he was leaving in a month. I tried to be strong for him, and I was for the most part until the last day. Cried like a baby. He even teared up a few times and a few tears escaped from his face. He's been gone for a week now and it's as hard as ever. Going from talking to someone everyday all day for the past 7 months, to not talking to them at all? Cold turkey. He got to keep his phone the first two days of basic. He texted me around 7ish every night for about 20mins and then called shortly after that when he was supposed to be getting ready for bed. Our calls were the best thing ever, being able to hear his voice. It was the best part of my day. But three days ago he called me to say it'd be his last call because he was getting his phone taken away. He told me he loved me and that he'd be thinking about me every second and he was mailing a letter out the next day. But I still haven't gotten it. I already have two and a half pages here waiting to send to him. I will hope for that letter everyday, and everyday it doesn't come, I will be disappointed, but I guess this would be part of the Military Girlfriend Life that I'm just entering. I've got another 4 years. Kevin is my hero, my lover, my best friend, my boyfriend, my everything. I will be counting the days until I can kiss his lips again <3
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Great story! :) my boyfriend is in Fort benning. I havnt seen him in four months and there are only three days left until I see him. I'm so happy. But the road to now has not been easy at all. It's gonna seem eternal in the beginning waiting for that first letter might take a while or might not but ether way it will feel like forever. Dont be scared just trust yourself and be strong. When your feeling sad dont let him know. It will make things bad for him. Keep those things to yourself and you'll see how strong you really are :) you'll be ok. It gets easier I promise.

That's what I've heard, I usually reply with a "I really hope so..." but after being on this site and having the support as well as the hate, I now know so. I feel like nothing can get me down anymore, he's great and I love him. I will always view him as my hero(: Have a good time seeing him!!! I wish I could go and see mine!:( Why was he there so long?! Kevin only had to go for 9 weeks and 4 days... (2months... ish)

People who criticize you for your age obviously havnt found real love because it has nothing to do with age. I find it awfully romantic :) and well he was there for two and a half months for basic training and then AIT for a month and a half. I didn't get to go to family day but I'm glad I get to go to his graduation. I'll say hi to your man for you :P I'll just yell it out and hope he hears me wherever he is hahaha jk

I agree 100% and that'd be hilarious!(:

What a beautiful love story... I wish you the best...:)


Sweet,heart,my boyfriends 18 and im 15 also. Age just swipes over my head.. I understand your situation 100% I cried reading this because it reminded me of myself and of my relationship with lj. Message me of you EVER want to talk! In always here for a fellow army gf especially one whos bf is in fort benning also :D welcome to the club

Thanks hon, I've posted on other parts of this website and got some nasty comments for me being 15. Pretty crappy when I feel depressed already, but it's whatever I'm generally a strong girl. I love that you understand though!&lt;3 Don't cry though, I've done so much of that I think I'm out of tears!!!:(

Are you serious? I recieved maybe 2-3 nasty comments but I told them to stick it where the sun dont shine -.- im usually really strong and able to control myself also but.once I bf I just got all into my emotions and crap &gt;.&lt; im a big blubber ball now. I cried enough before and the first week he left after that its been straight numbness. I dont even look at my phone the way I used to. My mailman and I are the best of friends

Haha, that's hilarious, but I know what you mean, I never use my phone anymore like at all.. I don't feel the need to be on any social networks anymore either because my life's pretty boring without him. But I guess I need to take my age off here because I'm getting a ton of negative attention, all I said is I miss my boyfriend and there's so many people writing on there "Keep missing him he's going to go to jail." and, "You won't be with him when you're 25." and "You're too young to be dating someone in the military, he's gonna come back with problems you can't handle." But I've already helped him through his worst problem he will ever have PTSD from his mom dying. A$$Holes.

Holy crap... I changed my age to 18-21.. Keep your head up. Im not judging!! Lol I also get what you mean. Ive vecome such a liner since hes left -.-

I've changed it.. Sucks that we can't just be ourselves... People are crappy. We should talk again sometime!(:

Anytime :) message me anytime

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