Where Do People Get Off?!

There is seriously so much hate and anger on this site. I first got on this site loving how everything was set up and the first response I got to a post was amazingly supportive, but it seems like whenever I post a question I always get negative feedback. I will no longer post questions. My problem is my boyfriend is in the army.. Obviously.. and it's so hard to deal with people telling me I won't be able to deal with his problems when he comes back, because we've already been through a lot and helped each other through a lot of problems, he helped me to cope with my rape, and I've helped him cope with the suicide of his mother. Nobody needs to tell me I couldn't deal with/help him. I know what I'm doing and what to do to help him. Off that note, anybody commenting on my stuff telling me army men and men of the forces and services aren't 'honorable' seriously need to stop commenting ASAP, because they are going to get a serious piece of my mind, like seriously where do people get off? How are you going to say an army man, marine, navy guy, air force, veteran of any are not honorable?! They're dying, fighting, and missing their families and loved ones for people to have freedom.. Maybe not American's, but just because we take for granted our freedom doesn't mean people of other countries don't want it. I agree just as much as the next person that the troops should be sent home, but more for their safety and the wellness of their families so they never have to know the loss of a loved one. But other than that, I agree they should be fighting for other people, just because it's not us doesn't mean we should be selfish? EVERYONE deserves to be free. I am just irritated with someone telling me my boyfriend isn't a hero, and isn't honorable. He is MY hero, I don't care if he's anyone else's. And EVERY man servicing our country is honorable! People that don't agree, that's your opinion, but don't come to a Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force guys or girls Wife, Husband, Fiance, Boyfriend, or Girlfriend saying disrespectful things. It's rude and pathetic.
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Don't let others get to you! Stay strong and keep doing what you're doing. True love doesn't let obstacles get in the way, true love uses those obstacles to make your foundation stronger

I agree!(: Thanks!

No seriously I agree with this, it's just part of it though... Something we will always have to deal with. Just ignore anything negative said to you love. Those people are just trying to get you down, and they know exactly how to do it. So whenever someone says something, just hold your head up and stay strong, people will say whatever they can to make us think badly of our soldiers, or to even make us leave them, I've gotten a lot of crap from family members already. People saying our men aren't heroes are dumb and need to get a life, some people just don't realize what they have, and the price our soldiers pay for them to have the freedom and lives that they have, they don't see that them having the freedom to say the things they do is because of the men who fight for our country. They have no respect, and are in no way worth our time. Good luck to you and your soldier, and stay strong.

I agree! Thank you, I couldn't have said it better myself!

Hey you.... Breathe. It's okay. I am 45 and you are 15 and I still respect your feelings as being just as valid as mine. Age has nothing to do with love. All of us on here face the possibility of things changing, of them changing, of them dying. We need to offer love and support to each other. Ignore the negative people. They are projecting "their" own fears on to you. Each situation is unique. Don't let other people's insecurities affect you. This is your life. These are YOUR decisions. Either it will work out or it won't. It is your journey sweetheart. Live it how you want. :)

Thank you, it's refreshing to hear someone that's older appreciate that love 'has no boundaries' and I know Kevin and I aren't the only ones that feel that.. I was just venting a little bit ;P lol.