Please Someone Share Your Experience Strength And Hope With Me. Please.

Please someone say something.. anything.. my heart is breaking in two... I am sitting here right across town from my boyfriend who is about to be sent to New Jersey to be prepared for deployment to the Middle East... It is so hard knowing he is so close and I can't go say goodbye to him because he is in "lockdown". It almost feels like it will be easier once I know he is overseas and working. Not being able to see him now or when he is in New Jersey (I can't really afford the drive even if he could see me).. this is just so hard. The tears just won't stop. I know we both care about each other. I don't have any insecurities. Its just so hard and so sad to say goodbye to someone you love so deeply knowing they are going away to danger and not being able to truly get that goodbye.. Our last date was cancelled because he got called in for a briefing and is in "lockdown". If any of you can relate to this pain or this place I am in.. I want to hear your story or words of encouragement. Thank you
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Stay Strong I haven't been through a deployment yet but I have been through BCT. Try your best to keep a positive attitude about all of it and keep yourself busy and surrounded by people who love and support you. A little bit of prayer never hurts either.

I'm sorry :/ I know it's tough. Just be strong and keep your head up. Your man loves you and love will get you through.

Nothing easy.. But sweetie youve gotten this far and im sure you can make it through anything now! Love helps us get through it all. You know he loves you and i'm sure he wishes he could touch you and say that final goodbye. Keep your head up :)