Annoying Friends!!! (minor Rant Lol)

okay, so last night me and some friends were going to go out....this time i took them up on their offer. I don't really like to do the whole club thing, but since my love has been gone i have been really just sitting in the house. So anyways my best friend tells me that her and her bf broke up..i talked to her and tried cheering her up and all...But it annoyed me because the whole night she had a attitude I didn't even get to go out because she was saying if i didn't redo some of her hair she was not going And her hair LOOKED GOOD plus we didn't have time..and mines?? oh it was a mess i had not even begin to start to get myself together. but all she thought about was her self so she called one of her friends on the phone n asked them to do her hair then she just walked out my house....even my mom was like wtf?
So what really aggravated me was the fact that she had the nerve to have a attitude with me. like I'm the one who broke up with her....All of them want me to listen to their problems but then act like I'm being a baby when i say i miss my baby....they even look at me crazy when i told them i write him a letter every nite sometimes 2-3 a day this is why i do not talk to people because they do not ******* understand...I do not want to hear about you missing your boyfriend who you talk to everyday....yea he stays 6 hrs away but at least you get to rent a car and see him 2 weekend out of the month!!!!! or really whenever you want!!! Like really!?! lol it just really get me love has been gone a month and a half..i have gotten 2 phone calls and 3 letters, which are all very yea i will sit here listen to you complain about how you miss your man and how yall argue over the most dumbest **** ever!!! and that he has not texted you in the last 30 mins!!!!!! smh
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Thank you.... lol I totally agree they will never understand unless they go through what we are going through! Ridiculous!! Sine people need a big the face if reality! Keep ur head up that ish is ridiculous

VERY ridiculous...and its sad because its my own friends..&& i cant even talk to them..Im so happy my baby talks about me moving to where he is stationed because i wont think twice about leaving no one here! (except my family..most of my family)

I agree... I keep to myself now. Ive always been that girl who is kinda lonerish and now im just like screw everyone its just me. I would LOVE to just leave to where my bf is!! I dont have that family support so leaving would be just friggin perfect!