Time Flies But Its Still Hard

Even though time is flying by its just been a rough couple of days. Not sure about how to take everything in. I know I only have 29 weeks until my baby is back home in my arms but with the my birthday and the holidays coming up it feels like things are going to get even harder. I am not sure about what to do, and I am so scared right now with all the protests and riots going on over in the middle east that the minor problems that has shown up in Afghanistan since he has been there will become bigger problems. The next two weeks are going to be hard because I won't here from him and just hearing his voice makes things easier to deal with so I don't even know what I am going to do. I am trying to stay busy with work, school, family, friends, and working out but at night laying in my bed I can't help but think about the past six months that I've been alone and oh how I wish for him to be home. Time is flying but I feel like the holidays and my birthday is going to be the worst days of my life. I am missing apart of my myself and I just hope that I can hear from him on those days, but really I am hoping that the holidays will past quickly so this whole deployment can be over and I can relax more. I love him so much and I always worry but I try not to let him know how much I worry about him so he doesn't lose concentration, but yet he always knows. Any advice on how to stay positive during the holidays and my birthday would be greatly appreciated. Just trying to take it day by day.
avoncannon01 avoncannon01
22-25, F
Sep 17, 2012